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The Best Guitar Books for Beginners

Guitar books can be extremely handy to learn techniques. They are also convenient for revising guitar chord shapes and song tabs. Self-learning the guitar from books has been widespread in…


I’m Reim Ossaily and I am a guitar and music enthusiast. I have been playing the guitar for roughly 5 years now. And before you run away from here seeing how little experience I have in this niche, I want to tell you that nothing in my content is made-up from my own brain. Here, I make sure that whatever I present to my readers is completely unbiased and well-researched. Basically, I put myself in my readers’ shoes and see what they might find useful or not.

Writing about guitars and other musical instruments helps me learn more and grow whatever little knowledge I have about them while, at the same time, help other people who are seeking more information about those equipment.

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