About Me

Let me introduce myself

My name is Reim Ossaily, and I am from Lebanon. Over the past couple of years, my interest in acoustic guitars has risen dramatically, and continuing to do so. It all started when I went with my dad to a bookstore to buy a notebook. It wasn’t just a bookstore,though. It was filled with random DIY stuff.  As we went through our business,  my eyes caught the sight of a small, rusty, acoustic guitar sitting at the edge of the shelf. And there, my crippling curiosity surfaced.

To be honest, it wasn’t the first time guitars had stolen my attention. Seeing musicians on T.V. strumming on the instrument was really interesting.  To me, at least.  I also used to pretend that I am holding a guitar and I would start playing. I think it’s called air guitar or something.

Anyways, I wanted the guitar very bad. I didn’t bother inspecting or mind it’s small size. I just wanted the thing. I asked my dad to buy it for me. However, he didn’t even give it a thought and said a straight out no. I didn’t  give up, though. I was very keen on having it. It wasn’t even expensive. About 15 dollars?

My dad got the notebook and went to cashier, and there I am trying my best to convince him. Sadly, I failed miserably. He paid for the notebook and headed outside as if nothing happened. I was frustrated and sad. But I was persistent. You see, I am the stubborn type. When I want something, I have to get it.

Later that day,  and the following days, I kept nagging him about it.  I got a few snaps here and there, but that didn’t stop me.

Long story short, my dad had got enough of my badgering.  One day, he went out somewhere with my family. By that time, I was starting to lose hope slowly. I would remind him every couple of days, but he would just shoot me a glare. Anyhow, when he returned home, I found him smiling at me as he walked toward the car’s trunk.  It was a matter of seconds before he brought the very same guitar out and started randomly strumming on it. I was shocked and speechless. “I finally got the guitar!” was all what was running through my mind.

So yeah, that’s how I got my very first guitar. Needless to say, the guitar was an extremely poor quality with a messed up intonation. What’s worse is that I couldn’t fix them.

My point is not every guitar is playable. An expensive guitar doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a high-quality and a good one. Similarly, a cheap guitar doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a low-quality and a poor one. What matters is how and what you choose, which brings me to my next point:

What is the point of this site and why do I want to help people out there

Firstly, this site is for people who are looking for an acoustic guitar that best fits and suits them. There are millions of acoustic guitars on the Internet. A big disadvantage for online guitar buyers is they can’t actually test the quality of the guitar they intend on buying. Thus, if the guitar didn’t turn out as they hoped it to  be, they will have to deal with the loss of both money and satisfaction.

Here at Guition, you can rest assured. Neither your money nor your satisfaction is going to be missing. I want to help people out there choose what fits them the most. I am going to provide my readers with enough information, as well as actual buyer reviews.

You want a cheap but, at the same time, good acoustic guitar? Check!

You want a high-quality guitar, regardless of how much it costs? Check!

Are you a beginner, who is still unsure of what suits you best? We have that checked for you!

Do you have a child who is interested in playing acoustic guitars, but don’t know what to choose for him or her? Check!