Author: Reim Ossaily

Fender American Pro Review

Fender American Professional Stratocaster Review (2019 Edition)

We all expect the top-notch from Fender, for beginners and professionals alike. And they never disappoint us. Their guitars – especially electric guitars – are one of a kind. Some of the best guitar players today are known for their Stratocaster performances. However, to rock a Stratocaster, you need to have a solid one. The …

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JamPlay Review

JamPlay Review – Worth The Time?

We did a review on multiple online guitar teaching programs, some of which include GuitarTricks and TrueFire. This post, however, will be featuring a well-known rival to the aforementioned programs: JamPlay. I see a lot of beginners torn between picking a worthy program, especially since all 3 of them are paid. This review will unleash …

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Yamaha Pacifica 112V review

Yamaha Pacifica 112V Review – All You Need to Know

Yamaha is one guitar company that a lot of beginners seek to buy their guitars from. For one, their guitars are cheap. For another, they provide just the right guitar quality to suit a beginner player. While they are more known for their acoustic guitars, their Pacifica Series hints that we should look more into …

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Fender American Special Strat

Fender American Special Stratocaster Review

The Fender American Special Srat is one of those electrics that a lot of guitarists desire, and not for nothing. It’s popular among professional players thanks to its amazing quality. Let us dive deeper into what makes it worth the buy.

Best guitar tuner app

The Best Guitar Tuner App (Android/IOS)

A lot of guitarists rely on apps to tune their guitars, especially beginners. Not only it is cheap (in most cases, free), but also convenient and easy to carry around. This is not to say that digital tuners are not easy to carry around, but people are less likely to forget their mobile phones than …

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