Author: Reim Ossaily

How To Read Chord-boxes Easily

One of the most important skills every guitar player should posses is the ability to read and comprehend chord-boxes. “Why?” you may ask. Because they are extremely useful. As simple as that. You probably know how important chords are when it comes to learning the guitar. In most cases, chords are what guitar players started …

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Playing the D-major chord on your guitar

  The D-major chord is an extremely useful chord that sounds great, and it’s ┬árelatively easy to play. Or perhaps not. The fact that you are reading this shows that you are probably having some issues with this chord. But don’t worry, your secret is well-kept. I am a great confidant. ­čśë Now let’s get …

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Playing The Infamous C-major Chord On The Guitar

The C-major chord is one of the biggest challenges guitar beginners face. In most cases, they struggle with holding down the chord strings without muting the neighboring strings. One reason this chord is hard for beginner guitar players is that it requires finger flexibility. And this is something most starters don’t have, yet. However, what …

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