Baby Taylor BT2 Review

Baby Taylor BT2 Review

Baby Taylor BT2 Review

We all know that Taylor offers a wide variety of guitars – both acoustic and electric. More specifically, their selection of quality acoustic guitars is what gave Taylor this sheer prominence. This doesn’t, by any means, imply that Taylor’s electric guitars are worth nothing. They do, indeed, provide worthwhile electrics. However, when I look at it, I see that most guitarists opt more for their acoustics rather than the electrics. Today, we are going to make a Baby Taylor BT2 Review to see if it’s actually worth it.

Guitar Description

Let’s start off with a detailed product description so we can get a good idea of the guitar. Here’s an excerpt from Amazon about the specifications of the Baby Taylor BT2:


  • Body Body type: Dreadnought 3/4th-Scale Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Mahogany Back & sides: Layered Sapele Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard Baby X-Bracing Body finish: Matte 2.0 Orientation: Right-Handed Neck Neck shape: Taylor Standard Baby Profile Nut width: 1 11/16″ (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 22-3/4″ Number of frets: 19 Neck finish: Matte 2.0 Electro
  • Conceived as a starter guitar for kids, the lovable Baby Taylor has maintained its enduring appeal in part by being a legitimate musical instrument that anyone can enjoy
  • The three-quarter-size Dreadnought helped touring musicians like Taylor Swift sketch new musical ideas on the road, and it’s been a reliable musical accomplice for travelers seeking inspiration while trekking the world
  • All Baby Taylor models ship with a durable travel-worthy gig bag made by Taylor for optimal fit and protection
  • Tone Woods A guitar’s top is the primary filter and distributor of vibrating string energy through the guitar, which means it has a huge impact on its sound

Baby Tayor BT2 Full

Here is a more concise list of specifications from Taylor Guitars:

Scale Length
Nut & Saddle
Nubone Nut/Micarta Saddle
X Bracing
Truss Rod Cover
Number of Frets
Die-Cast Chrome
Gig Bag
Brand of Strings
Elixir Phosphor Bronze Light
Body Length
15 3/4″
Body Width
12 1/2″
Body Depth
3 3/8″
Binding/Edge Treatment
Top Finish
Back Config
Backstrap Finish
Rosette Size
Single Ring
Bridge Inlay
Back/Side Finish
Armrest Binding
Backstrap Wood
Rosette Mat.
Neck Width
Fretboard Inlay
4mm Dot Italian Acrylic
Fretboard Binding/Edge Treatment
Heel Cap Binding
Type of Neck Joint
Finger Joint
Fretboard Wood
West African Ebony
Neck Finish
Heel Length
Peghead Finish
Peghead Binding
Peghead Type
Peghead Purfling
Headstock Overlay
Peghead Inlay
Peghead Logo
Printed on Headstock Overlay
Bridge Pins
Fingerboard Ext
Edge Trim


This is a small sample of frequently asked questions and the answers to them from Amazon:

-Does the guitar need to be set up or is it ready to go?

It is set up just needs to be tuned to your favorite tuning and you’re good to go

-Can this be used with a strap?

Yes of course, I use strap for more confortable guitar playing…

-Does this come with a bag? If not, what should I get as a cover? My daughter travels for her lessons.

Yes, it comes with a soft case that has backpack straps and a front pocket. Pretty cool!

Amazon Reviews

Now let’s move to what people are saying about this baby. The reviews were not that negative at all. Some reviewers did pin-point some imperfections about the Baby Taylor, which isn’t surprising. Nearly every guitar is going to have at least one con. If you happen to have found the ‘perfect’ guitar, make sure to tell us about it! 😉

Anyways, back to the point. These are a couple of reviews from Amazon buyers:


 bought this guitar for my girlfriend who is 4ft 11in. She loves it, and it is a great fit for her.

Quality/construction: The guitar has a matte finish to it with a textured feel. It feels pretty light for its size. Interestingly, the neck is a bolt-on, with two screws on the 16th fret. It’s also roughly the same widths as my other, regular-sized acoustic, but the shorter scale definitely makes it easier for my girlfriend to play. It was set up nicely when we received it, and plays quite well with minimal fret-buzz. The hardware is all chrome.

Sound: This guitar is surprisingly loud for its size. It does lack a bit on the low end, compared to my other acoustic, but has a nice, crisp mid-to-high range sound. It’s size and the bolt-on neck do make a noticeable impact on the resonance, and the light-weight construction sacrifices a bit of sustain. However, it does have a rounded back that helps mediate some of the lack of resonance and low-end. It sounds very appropriate for its construction and size, but I wouldn’t say it sounds unpleasant. I rather like its tone, and it fits nicely in an acoustic duet with other, larger guitars.

Overall: This is a great buy, not just for kids, but for small adults as well. It’s loud enough for any purpose it can be put to, and has a sound decent enough for recording. Obviously, this guitar doesn’t sound quite as amazing as its larger counterparts, but it gets the job done and sounds good doing it.


I got tired of lugging my nice guitars around on trips and vacations, so bought this to take along with me. Previously I’d had a Martin Backpacker, that i never liked. I didn’t care for the sound, and the action was really awful.

This guitar is great though, and sounds deceptively bigger than it is. It’s got a nice warm sound, and is great for finger style. It sits well in your lap too…(far better than the backpacker), although it does have a lug for a standard guitar strap.

The mahogany is well finished, and gets a lot of comments. It has good quality tuners that keep it in tune very well. I also looked at the Little Martin LX1, but didn’t like the sound as much as I did that of the Taylor. The martin sounded a bit muddier, and not as well defined. The Taylor has a really nice warm rich sound to it… While not the same as a full sized Dreadnaught, it really does well.

I do keep a humidifier in it (one of those sponge ones) to keep it from desiccating in the dry heat. I did hear from a friend who had one crack on them… apparently they did not keep it humidified.

It came with a nice functional backpack style carrying case, which I used for several trips, but I as always paranoid the guitar would get smashed, as it was not a hard sided case, so I bought the SKB Baby Taylor case for it. Glad I did!

You can’t go wrong with this guitar. While not cheap, it would also be good for a child, as it is a perfect size, and the action is quite good, which will make life easier for their little fingers.

I keep it at work when I don’t have a trip, and play it just about every day at lunch.

No negative comments at all. It’s everything I hoped it would be.


Purchased this guitar a couple of weeks ago and since then, it has been my go to acoustic. i absolutely love it. I’m a small framed female and the smaller size is so comfortable. The sound is not as “full” as a larger acoustic, but it’s definitely full enough. My only problem is that I have to tune it every time I play. I’ve stretched the strings and it still falls out of tune daily.

Overall, I still give this 5 stars. I have no complaints. Love the matte finish and the light weight. It’s also easier to stretch to reach higher frets due to the shorter neck. This is not just a kids’ guitar!
UPDATE: Have had this guitar about 6 months now. It’s still as great a guitar as I earlier reviewed. I just wanted to reinforce the fact that this guitar does not stay in tune. If I don’t play for a few days, it drops pitch a full note down on every string. Not that big a deal b/c I tune before playing, but none of my other guitars drop like this one.


As far as the price of this Baby Taylor goes, whether it’s expensive or inexpensive goes back to you. As of writing this, the Baby Taylor BT2 costs $329 on Amazon. It should also be noted that this guitar is not available at all times on Amazon. It comes in limited stock, so if Amazon is the only online place you buy your instruments from, then you may have to be quick to decide.

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In Conclusion

To conclude, this guitar is certainly a good pick for smaller body frames. You can also take advantage of its junior size and use it as your travel guitar! The possibilities are endless. Personally, I give this guitar a 4.5 rating. I find the features and the not-so-tiny size very convenient and fitting.

What about you? Share with in the comment section! Happy Playin’!

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