Best Bass Guitars in 2018

best bass guitars

You often hear that the bass guitar is the easiest instrument to learn. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s far from that. Bass guitars are just like any other instrument out there. Just because it has 4 strings doesn’t make it any easier than, say, the guitar. In fact, it takes just as much dedication and practice to learn as is needed for the guitar.

best bass guitarsBassists can really get offended by hearing such nonsense. I mean, what kind of bassist would like to hear some folks terming the bass as ‘easy’ after putting lots of time and effort into learning the instrument? That would be upsetting indeed!

Anyhow, let’s put this issue aside and talk about the best bass guitars today. Same case as with the guitar, you need to be vigilant in your selection of bass guitars. Your bass needs to have a proper action, intonation, quality strings, and many other specifications similar to that of guitars. They are good for beginners and intermediate players, so here goes:

Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar 

Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar This one is a very price-friendly bass from Ibanez. It has an Agathis body and a rosewood fingerboard. The neck is a maple one-piece and it has pearl dot inlays. The pickup configuration is a combination of split-coil and single-coil. The EQ is Active and the hardware is Phat II Boost Chrome. This bass is very lightweight ( around 9 pounds ) yet firm and strongly built. It has 22 medium frets and the overall length is around 44.5.” It’s perfect for beginners and novice players.

  • Price-friendly
  • Great for beginners and practicing on
  • Nice design and variety of finishes
  • Feels comfortable and sounds great
  • It’s a bit buzzy
  • The frets’ edges may come a little sharp
  •  Little to no sound if played without an amplifier
  • Active pickups powered by a 9v battery. Need to have an extra handy in case the battery dies

That’s pretty much it for this bass. I think it’s a good price for the quality. I read some reviews on Amazon and most of the critical reviews were on the buzzing that comes out of certain strings. Also, there are 5 finishes available for this bass on Amazon: Black, jewel blue, transparent red, pearl white, and soda blue. It’s available both used and new starting from $170

Get the Ibanez GSR200 Now! 

Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass GuitarThe Fender Standard Jazz is a bass guitar that professionals commonly look into. It’s slightly on the pricey side but it sure is worth it. It features two modern style single-coil jazz pickups. It has Pau Ferro fingerboard and a ‘C’ shape neck. The neck is comfortable and clear. The Fender Jazz is also available in a maple fingerboard but provides the same quality and tone.

  • Good for all levels
  • Comfortable for playing
  • Variety of classic vintage colors
  • Versatile and rich tone
  • A bit expensive

All in all, it’s a good quality bass. Yes, it may be a tad bit expensive but you really can’t complain once you try it out. On Amazon, the Fender Standard Jazz costs around $625, but the price may vary depending on whether you get the pau ferro or the maple fingerboard. You can expect a $25 deviation between the 2. The colors are arctic white, black, brown sunburst, candy apple red, and lake placid blue.

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Sire Marcus Miller M3 4 String Bass

Sire Marcus Miller M3 4 String BassI did a poll on a Facebook group and the Sire Marcus Miller was one of the top suggestions for both beginners and professionals. It features a mahogany body and a flame maple veneer. The neck is a “C” shape made from Canadian hard maple. It has 24 frets on a rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are Active Marcus Blue Hum. The controls this bass caries are volume, dual pot tone, dual pot middle frequency, active/passive mini toggle, pickup blender, and a treble. 

  • Affordable
  • Solid built
  • Great tone and sound
  • Great feel
  • None ( couldn’t find any )

It would be a loss for you as a bassist if you don’t own a Marcus M3. They are easily the best bass guitars for the price. On Amazon, this bass is available in transparent black for $399. It’s a bargain for sure, so don’t miss out!

Get the Marcus Miller M3 for here. 

Ibanez SRFF805 Multi Scaling 5-String Electric Bass

This one is also a tad bit expensive. Mostly professionals are the onesIbanez SRFF805 Multi Scaling 5-String Electric Bass who get this  bass, but if you are a beginner and can afford to invest as much as $1000 on a bass alone, then why not? The neck is a Jatoba/Bubinga multi-scale 5-piece. The body is solid with ash fingerboard and rosewood inlays with medium frets. The bridge is a mono-rail V shape. The pickups are Bartolini BH1 bridge and neck pu and it has custom electronics with 3-band EQ as well as a middle frequency switch.

  • Great tone
  • Comfortable feel
  • Worth the price
  • Expensive
  • Some people found the design unappealing or ugly

This bass is a 5-string as you might have already noticed. The previous 3 basses were 4-strings. Also, as  aforementioned, this bass costs $999.99 on Amazon. But you can rest assured that your money won’t go wasted. This is  arguably one of the best basses Ibanez has ever made. If the design is not much of problem to you, not to mention the money, then definitely considering investing in the Ibanez SRFF805.

Get the Ibanez SRFF805 from here. 

Your favorite?

So, which one is your favorite? Share your opinion with us in the comment section!

Keep Rockin’!


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