Best Kids Acoustic Guitars For Your Little Guitarist

So, you’ve woken up to your child badgering you to buy them an acoustic guitar for Christmas or birthday party and now you are asking yourself, ‘what’s the best kids acoustic guitar?’

Well, you are certainly not the first one.

Kids are curious creatures. They want to try out everything that their eyes land on. And, of course, the parent is responsible in making it possible.

However, when it comes to acoustic guitars, things get a little bit complex. If your child is truly interested in playing the guitar, you surely don’t want to buy them a toy or some messed up one. By making this tiny mistake, you might miss out the opportunity of witnessing the next Tommy Emmanuel.

Really, you never know.

Perhaps it’s true that the majority of starting guitar players lose interest not long after starting, but, and again, you never know.

Now, what kind of acoustic guitar should you buy your kid?

The answer isn’t too hard.

Since they’re technically beginners, your pick should be a decent beginner acoustic guitar. The only difference is in the size. An acoustic that is about 3/4 of a full sized one should suffice. You have to bear in mind that kids  grow fast. You don’t want to spend money on a guitar they will outgrow fairly quickly.

Without a  further ado, here are the acoustic guitars that kids can play with:

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Acoustic Guitar


Yamaha JR1

This cute little Yamaha JR1 will be your cute little kid’s best friend.  It stays in tune; comfortable for small size groups; and sounds great! A lot of parents bought this guitar for their little ones, and they were satisfied with their purchase.

-Bought for my 8 year old daughter who is very happy with it.
I did my homework before buying this guitar: I gave up learning as a child as I had a huge box of a guitar with painful-to-hold-down-strings. Put me right off: didn’t want this for my little’un.
As other reviewers have stated, it’s pretty small for a 3/4: it’s more like a 1/2 size guitar, but I think this is a better size. Not too much of a stretch for little arms & fingers. It stays in tune remarkably well. All in all would defo recommend.

-Bought for my 9 year old son – perfect size for him. After tensioning the strings before tuning, it stays in tune very well and sounds great – surprisingly loud for its size.

Get the Yamaha JR1.

Yamaha CS40 3/4 Classical Guitar

Yamaha CS40

While classical, the Yamaha CS40 also goes perfectly well with small hands. Furthermore, its nylon strings make playing easier for a kid’s fingers.

-I was very pleased with this Guitar, bought for my daughter who loves it.
for a budget priced instrument it is well made has a very pleasant tone and nice easy action
It also stays in tune much longer than her old one with no annoying fret buzz.
I would recommend buying this Yamaha over cheaper brands.

-It is a very good guitar, tone wise and in appearance. Our 6 year old grandson is delighted.

Get the Yamaha CS40!

Happy Playing!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Don’t forget to give us your opinion! 🙂

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  1. Found this post really interesting and also learnt something new in regards to types of guitars to by if my kids ever choose to play the guitar, very insightful.

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