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learn guitar onlineNot everyone has got the money to learn playing a musical instrument. And it’s unfortunate, really. Knowing how to play a musical instrument, like the guitar, is a valuable skill and a fun hobby. But hey, the traditional method is not the only way to learn playing the guitar. The tech world is here to save us. But can you really learn guitar online?

My dear friends, the Internet is filled with millions upon millions of tutorials and courses on how to do this and that, including playing the guitar. In fact,  many guitarists learned playing the guitar with nothing but online tutorials. You probably won’t believe it if we tell you that some of the most prominent guitar players are self-taught.

However, there are some laws, if you will, that you must abide with if you are thinking about self-teaching, or online-learning. Nothing in this world comes at a free price.

Initially, the whole fuss about why the traditional teaching method is the best way is because a teacher is helpful for avoiding the common mistakes beginners make— buying a suitable and playable guitar, playing with proper techniques, maintaining a good posture while playing, etc…. So here, we are going to warn you about some of those mistakes that you may or may not make while self-teaching.

#1: Take an experienced guitar player to choose a guitar with you

Because they are more experienced, they will be able to pick a suitable choice for your level. It doesn’t have to be a teacher. A friend or a relative will do the job as long as they have some experience and knowledge in the subject. Whether it be the acoustic or electric that you are thinking to start with (which doesn’t matter, by the way), choosing a good guitar can pave down the path for a better learning journey.

#2: Follow a specific program

Not all guitar players play the same, so not all guitar teachers teach the same. Don’t spend the time jumping from a video by one teacher to a video by another teacher. Different guitar teachers have different philosophies and styles of teaching, like the teacher that tells you to start with an electric guitar and the other that tells you to start with an acoustic. You will get confused, so search for a full course by the same teacher. There are plenty of them out there; choose wisely.

If you ask me, I would recommend JustinGuitar. Not only are his courses complete, but they are also of quality and value. It really amazes me how kind of a person he must be to put the effort in making such lessons and all for free.

#3: Inform yourself about mistakes beginners make

A good way to avoid getting sucked into the wrong lane is by reading about the mistakes beginner guitar players most commonly make. Be conscious of your technique at all times. This is as far as you can get for avoiding the mistakes that only you, as a self-taught, can do and only you can correct.

If possible, have a skilled guitar player at least check on your technique every now and then. You can some advice from him/her on how you can improve upon your skills and how you can stop any bad habits you could be making. This way, you won’t have to spend as much to get music education.

#4: Be consistent

You are your own teacher and motivator. There isn’t a mentor to keep you consistent with playing, so giving up will be fairly easy. And we have previously said numerous times that attaining the skill of playing such a complex instrument will not be an easy task. How far you want to go is all up to no one but you. Have a vision set in your mind and don’t give up. Even students who have a guitar teacher struggle to stay on track and not get discouraged, what does that make of self-taughts?

Personally, I respect self-taught players immensely for having that drive and not give a damn about what others may say about them. Remember, being a self-taught is nothing to be ashamed about. If anything, you should be proud of yourself.

And like that, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the end of our topic for today. We hope that it was as informative as you had hoped it to be.

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Happy Playin’!

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