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best ukulele brands

The Best Ukulele Brands On Amazon (2018)

Ukuleles are those instruments that some people look at and dismiss them as some toys for kids. Little do they know that they pose the same importance as acoustic, electric, bass, or any other type of guitar out there. A ukulele is not just a mini version of a guitar; you can think of it …

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how to tune a guitar

How To Tune A Guitar – Ultimate Guide

Let’s face it: Playing with a guitar that is not properly tuned will sound like a wailing donkey (no offense to your guitar). We don’t have to keep the truth hidden any longer. If your guitar does not sound right, have you checked if it’s properly tuned? Let us guess, you are scratching your head …

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learn guitar online

Can You Learn Guitar Online? – The Answer

Not everyone has got the money to learn playing a musical instrument. And it’s unfortunate, really. Knowing how to play a musical instrument, like the guitar, is a valuable skill and a fun hobby. But hey, the traditional method is not the only way to learn playing the guitar. The tech world is here to …

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How to afford a guitar

How To Afford A Guitar – 5 Tips

Buying a guitar is the first step to start learning to play on the instrument. And it’s the most important, because without a guitar, it’s hard – impossible, actually – to actually learn playing the guitar. But what if you don’t  have the money to buy one?   DUN-DUN-DUN! A hard question, no? Most people, …

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learning guitar

How To Stay Motivated While Learning Guitar – 4 Tips

Are you feeling that learning guitar is just not your thing? You feel frustrated; and you feel that you are not progressing, nor you will ever progress. Well, you are not the first to feel this way, and you are certainly not the last. We have some good news: this is just a phase. Yep, …

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