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Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags For Everyone

So, you bought your very first guitar but still don’t have a gig bag that protects it? Worry not! We’re at your rescue. Gig bags serve a very crucial role in protecting your guitar, as well as being a convenience. Because who would want to go out carrying a naked guitar? Besides the lingering looks, …

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How To Afford A Guitar

Buying a guitar is the first step to start learning to play on the instrument. And it’s the most important, because without a guitar, it’s hard– almost impossible– to actually learning playing the guitar. But what if you don’t  have the money to buy one? DUN-DUN-DUN! A hard question, no? Most people, if not all, …

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The Top 5 Electric Guitars Under $200

Our topic for today revolves  around electric guitars. To be precise, playable and, at the same time, cheap electric guitars. For those of you who are tight on money and want to play the guitar, don’t worry, we are at your rescue! You might wonder, “How can there be good and cheap electric guitars?” You …

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