Fender Acoustic Guitar Review – Is It Worth It?

fender acoustic guitar


fender acoustic guitarBack again with another product review, today, I will be presenting you with another acoustic guitar that has soared with 4+ ratings and 1000+ orders. The guitar of which I’m speaking is also commonly recommended for beginners. It is both cheap and said to be effective. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Amazon’s Choice: Fender Acoustic Guitar! Okay, that was a bit over dramatized. Let’s get back to the point.

So, as the title says, this going to be a review on the Fender Acoustic Guitar on the hope of answering the question, “Is It Worth It?” Without any further ado, let’s get rolling!

Product Description

Here’s a quick description from Amazon about the guitar bundle:

The guitar offers warm, vibrant, acoustic Fender sound in your hands at a great price with a choice of convenient and practical features that will have the beginning guitarist in your house strumming away in no time. All bundles are designed to include everything the beginning guitarist needs to get started on the right track. Whether it’s to get the ladies or hang out and learn some of your favorite tunes, this pack is perfect for children and teens, as well as adults who are looking for a quality, inexpensive way to try their hand at a new hobby.
The bundle includes:

  • Fender acoustic guitar
  • Gig bag
  • Tuner
  • Strings
  • Strap
  • Picks
  • Austin Bazaar instructional DVD
  • Polishing cloth


fender bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the strings steel or nylon?

The strings installed on this guitar are steel strings.

What is the size of this guitar?

This guitar is a 45.8 by 6 by 17.8 inches guitar. It’s an adult full size guitar.

Does it fit kids under 12 years old?

It’s probably too big for such age ranges. However, sizes like 3/4 may be a good fit for such an age range.

Is it left or right-handed?

This guitar is a right-handed guitar.


What People Are Saying

I have hand-picked the reviews that I found to be most useful for this review, all of which are from Amazon.

Having never previously picked up a guitar in my life, I decided out of the blue that I’d like to learn to play acoustic. Since I’m starting from absolute scratch I didn’t necessarily know what I would need, so I was looking for a decent starter kit that had all the essentials. This one fit the bill perfectly, and with a FENDER guitar no less! With just a little bit of tuning it was ready to go right out of the box. It may be considered a beginner guitar, but it looks and sounds great.

The gig bag doesn’t offer a whole lot of protection, but it does have some light padding and will do just fine for storing it at the house. Would have been nice if it had an external pocket for accessory storage (picks, polishing cloth, tuner, etc.). The picture makes it look like there is an external pocket, but there’s not. If you plan on toting this around to lessons or some such, you may want something a little more heavy duty. One review stated a stand was included, but that must have been a fluke because it’s not in the description and I certainly didn’t receive one. Make sure you get one of those as well.

The only minor issues I had were:

1) the clip on tuner is nothing like the one in the picture. The one included still works just fine, but don’t expect it to look like that. (Edit 7/12/13 – the picture has been changed and the tuner that is now shown is the one that I received)

2) the extra string pack was missing, but Amazon CS more than made up for that.

I’m not letting either of those little quirks affect my 5 star rating, because overall I feel like this is a great package for someone who is taking their first steps in learning how to play.

Long time Amazon user, first time guitar player… This guitar is the love of my life (behind the real people in my life). If you are planning to learn guitar, and are unsure of your commitment, this is the place to start. This is NOT the last guitar you will own. The important thing is, it is an adequate quality instrument suitable for a beginner. If you are learning to play golf, unless you are rich, you probably don’t buy a set of Pings first thing.

This guitar set costs less than two cable/internet bills (that’s my new standard on everything I rate on Amazon). Fall in love with the guitar – don’t neglect the people who hear you practice. In two years, buy a better Fender, a Yamaha, or Martin (above my pay grade). Have been thinking about having the action adjusted (might even DIY it in a few months), because factory settings keep the strings pretty high off the fret board. Experienced guitar folks say this is an issue on virtually any mass-produced guitar – not unique to FA-100.

Update: After playing this for three months, some advice which probably echos what others have said:

Strings, Action, Setup: Finally took mine to a local music store. They greatly improved the action level (that is, getting the strings lower to the fretboard). That required quite a bit of saddle height adjustment.

Apparently, FA-100s have rather wide variability coming from the factory when it comes to action level. Also, they replaced the stock medium gauge strings with light gauge strings. Both things dramatically improved playability – a big deal for a beginner like myself. Now my chords sound much better, and some chords which I found nearly impossible with the stock setup are much more achievable.

Aesthetics: Finish on the body is very good. Finish on the neck is adequate at a distance but rather poor up close. In this price range, I think that’s perfectly acceptable.

Lastly, the gig bag is pretty weak. It barely gets the job done. Plan to replace with inexpensive hard shell soon.

This package is amazing. I’m going to break up each item individually so here I go:



The guitar itself is superb. It’s laminated back and front looks absolutely stunning. The headstock is breaktakingly-shiny. Tuning keys are easy to use, just overall a gorgeous guitar.


The Fender FA-100’s sound is awesome. I’ve played $500 acoustic guitars that don’t even sound this good. It has very nice sustain and the bone saddle and nut adds a nice crisp sound to this beautiful instrument.


The pick guard is great; but when I received it the lamination was peeling off along the edges. You can’t tell unless you look up close.


Heads up people! The “Fender” tuner that comes in this package is not a fender-brand tuner. It’s actually a Snark Electronic Clip-on Tuner (blue.) Personally, I like it even better then the fender one (I have used it before.) It’s display is very vibrant, showing great neon colors. It easily picks up the vibrations when tuning. I was first disappointed that I didn’t get the Fender one, but now actually using the guitar with the tuner, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


When I order this package, I got some extra Planet Waves picks (10 pack) with it. However, as good as the planet waves picks are, the fender one’s were much better. I got three green ones. I like the amount of flex, it’s perfect; not too flexy and not too stiff (hence the term “medium.”)


Again, the strap I got was NOT Fender brand, it was a planet waves strap. I’m disappointed with this, because I really wanted a Fender strap. But a straps a strap, and this one works fine.


I haven’t broken a string yet so I haven’t had to replace one yet. But upon first glance I could tell that they weren’t the same ones that came on the guitar. But they are Fender brand nonetheless, so I’m thankful.


This was my first acoustic guitar. Personally, I love it. It’s a great guitar for beginners and experts alike. I’m very satisfied (even though there were some errors) and for the price, I highly recommend that you buy this guitar!

Product Price

This whole bundle is for $144.99 on Amazon. It’s available in 4 different colors and the style is FA-100. It’s also available in another style which is the FA-115.

You can buy the Fender Acoustic Guitar here.

So, Is It Worth It?

If you are a player who recently started your guitar journey, the definitely try the Fender Acoustic Guitar as your beginner guitar. You won’t regret it. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience once you get it! We love to hear your opinion!

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2 thoughts on “Fender Acoustic Guitar Review – Is It Worth It?

  1. Hi Reim,
    Awesome article!

    My husband is a guitarist, and he uses an electric guitar. Now my daughter wants to learn, so I would like to buy her a guitar for beginners. The fender acoustic guitar seems to be of good quality. I will show her this article so she can see it and make a buying decision. Just a question, please. How is the sound of the fender acoustic? I ask you this because some guitars have weird sound:) Is there a video of this specific guitar so I can have a better idea?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi, Daniella! Glad you like the post! 

      The Fender Acoustic Guitar would certainly be a good beginner guitar for your daughter! I have fetched a video that reviews this guitar and I believe you might find it helpful. Good luck!

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