Fender American Professional Stratocaster Review (2019 Edition)

Fender American Pro Review

We all expect the top-notch from Fender, for beginners and professionals alike. And they never disappoint us. Their guitars – especially electric guitars – are one of a kind. Some of the best guitar players today are known for their Stratocaster performances. However, to rock a Stratocaster, you need to have a solid one. The Fender American Professional Stratocaster is a promising guitar for pro players. Let’s dive deep into what makes this Strat worthy of time and money.

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Fender American Pro

This AM Pro‘s body is made of ash wood. Stratocasters are known for the alder wood body, but Fender opted for a change by making the body ash wood based. This tone wood gives more of a warm bass and brighter sound overall. The reason why Fender doesn’t incorporate ash wood into their guitar as much as they do for alder is because of the difficulty in working with ash wood. Ash wood has large pores that must be filled to apply the finishes. However, it’s these pores that grants the guitars made with this type of wood a more vibrant and full tone.

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Both the neck and fretboard are maple-made. This combo with the ash body insures a bright and a blunt sort of tone. Had Fender used the rosewood tonewood, the result would have been a warm and delicate tone, which is something a lot of guitarists favor. It’s not uncommon for players to judge maple fingerboards as too sharp and harsh. Luckily, there’s an option to choose the type of tonewoods you prefer as Fender offers both types. The neck is ‘C’ shaped, which makes it rounder and more comfy for playing.

On the positive side, unlike rosewood, maple tonewoods are extremely low-maintenance. They require only basic refining and cleaning. The rosewood, on the other hand, needs conditioning from time to time.


Fender American Pro Review

Now to the exciting part, the pickup composition of the AM Pro is a HSS trio of one Shawbucker Hambucker on the bridge and two V-Mod single coils on the neck and center (You may find that there are three V-Mod single coils and no hambuckers on some models, though) . The hambucker provides a warmer and heavier sound and the singles give off a brighter one. This kind of configuration maintains the sound and is good for hard metal and rock genres.

The controls are basically one volume knob and two tone knobs, along with a 5-way blade switch. Fender also incorporated the treble bleed circuit into the volume. This addition aims to maintain the clarity of the tone no matter how high or low your volume is. As for the tremolo, it’s a 2-way synchronized tremolo with a plugged-on tremolo arm, which is adjustable to suit the player’s taste.


When it comes to the sound, you can’t go wrong with the Professional Series. It still sounds pretty similar to the Standard Series, which is really fortunate to the old series’ fans. However, you may feel a bit unfamiliar with the new features Fender added to the new series, but it’s all for the better. Once you feel and hear how impressive the improvements are, those new additions won’t be much of a bother.

Last Words

Fender American Pro Case

This guitar is definitely on the high tier side. Some players might find a bit too expensive for them to afford. However, it’s worth every single penny. Every detail on this guitar, from the tonewoods to the hardware, prove its quality and promising potential. Want a bonus? You will get a top-notch Fender case upon buying this guitar! And for free!

For more information about the Fender American Professional, go here.

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Happy Playin’!

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