Fender American Special Stratocaster Review

Fender American Special Strat
Fender American Special Strat

The Fender American Special Srat is one of those electrics that a lot of guitarists desire, and not for nothing. It’s popular among professional players thanks to its amazing quality. Let us dive deeper into what makes it worth the buy.

Fender American Special Strat Headstock

The American Strat is composed of an alder body, which is what Fender is known for in their electric guitars, along with ash bodies. The modern ‘C’ shaped maple neck gives it a more comfortable feel and grip. The neck encases a rosewood fret-board that carries 22 jumbo frets.

The pickups are 3 of Texas’s Special single coils, giving it an ever smooth and pleasant amplified tone. The American Strat also features the Greasebucket tone circuit, which was first introduced in 2005. The Greasebucket tone circuit, registered as Fender’s trademark, ” adds a new dimension to your tone,” according to Fender. They boast that when the tone is rolled down, “the tone pot reduces the high frequencies, but does not add bass.”

Fender American Special Strat Body

This is an advantage for players that like to use a lot of effects in their playing. However, for those who prefer the traditional wiring and/or like more bass frequency, the Greasebucket may not be what you are looking for.

This American Fender also features a synchronized tremolo, which offers a wider range of pitch change and more potential for up-bends. Unlike the Bigsby, which slides only the tailpiece, the synchronized tremolo slides both the bridge and the tailpiece, affecting both the length and tension of the strings.

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Needless to say, the American Special Strat has an impressive count of positive customer reviews. I noticed that the vast majority of the buyers commented on the exceptional sound the Texas Special coils emitted. Overall, other than some complains on the poor strings (which can be easily replaced with a set of your preference, or from this guide), everything about this guitar says that it’s worth the money.

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Who Can Buy It?

Both beginners and professionals alike can buy this guitar. If you have the money to buy it, and you want to buy it, then by all means do so. People may get confused why I said that beginners can buy it, because of the widespread advice that starting players shouldn’t get expensive and top-notch guitars.

To some degree, that’s true, because a lot of beginners tend to give up playing not long after starting, and that’s for a variety of reasons. One is that they may get frustrated and just drop it, thinking that they won’t ever get good at playing the guitar. As a result, their guitar will probably live the rest of its life sitting on its stand unused, which is a waste. It’s an even greater of a waste if the guitar is an expensive one.

However, if you are a beginner who is really, really keen on learning and mastering the instrument, buy whatever guitar you desire. Don’t mind anyone who says that you shouldn’t. You know yourself better.

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Happy Playin’!

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