Gretsch G5420T Review – Worth the Price? (2018)

Gretsch G5420T review

Hollow-body guitars are known for having expensive prices. And not for nothing. Hollow-bodies do take a great deal of effort and time to construct, not like the average guitar made from cutting and gluing pieces of wood together. Hollow-bodies require a thorough work to make what they are. Often, it is the professional players who pick up this type of design. But if you are interested in starting to play on  a hollow-body, then the Gretsch G5420T is what you should be looking for.

It’s not uncommon to see hollow-body guitars priced in the 4-figure or even 5-figure range. Luckily however, Gtretsch has made it possible to acquire hollow-bodies for under $1000, or even, believe it or not, $500. They tend to focus more on manufacturing this particular type of guitars more than others. And they sure were successful in making a name for themselves. Without any further ado, let’s start!


Gretsch G5420T reviewThis cutaway Electromatic hollow-body features dual Black Filter’Tron hambucker pickups, which are known to have a bold and powerful tone, multi-ply body bindings, and bone-made nut. A gloss-finished maple body and neck, both with aged white bindings, give off a strong presence to the guitar.  The neck has a ‘U’ shape, giving it a comfortable feel and touch. The Gretsch G5420T has rosewood bridge and fretboard, which presents 22 medium jumbo frets.


Gretsch provided this hollow-body with upgraded controls that make it versatile and of greater quality. They include Volume 1 and 2 for the neck and bridge pickups, respectively, as well as a master volume treble-bleed circuit. The tuning keys are vintage open back. The bridge is a trademarked Adjusto-Matic with Bigsby B60 tailpiece.

Basically, everything about this hollow-body screams ‘buy me.’ It’s definitely worth every penny. It’s also available in beautiful finishes: Candy Apple Red, Fairlane Blue, Aspen Green, and Orange Stain. The problem is that it looks stunning in every color that it makes you want to buy one of each. 
Gretsch G5420T green

Gretsch G5420T orange
Gretsch G5420T Candy red


It’s hard to find negative reviews on this guitars. And by negative I mean buyers who completely disliked the guitar from start to finish, including the sound, tone, feel, look, and every single feature this guitar possess. I’m not sure there has been a case of such buyer for the Gretsch G5420T. And there shouldn’t be, to be honest, unless you have some other-worldly taste in guitars and music. The few objections I found on Amazon for the Gretsch G5420T, however, were not that critical. The critics pointed out a couple of issues with the instrument; nothing major, though. But then again, where can we find a perfectly perfect guitar in this world? ( If you happen to have the answer, sharing is caring, ey? 😉 )

Anyways, here goes:

The top critical review from Amazon was from a buyer called Dennis who labeled his purchase as a “major disappointment.”  He claims that the bridge “rattled to the point of annoyance” and that would not stay in tune given the fact that he replaced the strings. He also was not happy with the pickups as they provided a “very thin, uneven response.” Adjusting them, apparently, did not seem to fix the issue, which implies that the pickups themselves are cheap-quality.

However, Dennis did like the finish and feel his Gretsch G5420T delivered. I would like to point out that his case was an extremely rare incident, meaning that the probability of receiving such poorly manufactured guitar is highly unlikely, so rest assured. And this is one of the disadvantages of buying guitars online: The condition of the guitar is always variable. Besides looking for a legit seller who doesn’t sell scams, you have to make sure that your guitar is shipped safely. Accidents happen.

I generally recommend buying guitars from your local guitar shop. It’s the only way to guarantee that a guitar is in proper condition prior to buying. But some people don’t have guitar shops in their area or it’s a bit far, so getting one online is the only convenient method. If this happens to be the case with you, a tip is to make sure that the seller accepts returns and/or refunds. These types of sellers are more trustworthy than others.

Anyhow, nearly every other review on the Gretsch G5420T was positive and satisfactory.


Well, you need to be ready to spend quite a bit if you are thinking of buying the G5420T. Your wallet need to have at least $799.99 plus the shipping fee. The price may deviate slightly depending on the finish of the guitar. For instance, unlike the other three finishes, the Aspen Green G5420T may cost up to $850. Yes, it is expensive, but not for nothing, though! The Gretsch G5420T is one of the best hollow-body guitars in the market, and it’s worth every single cent.

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