How To Afford A Guitar – 5 Tips

How to afford a guitar

How to afford a guitarBuying a guitar is the first step to start learning to play on the instrument. And it’s the most important, because without a guitar, it’s hard – impossible, actually – to actually learn playing the guitar. But what if you don’t  have the money to buy one?


DUN-DUN-DUN! A hard question, no?

Most people, if not all, would simply reply with a one-worded answer: Work. While it’s a  good way to earn money to buy a guitar, there are cases where people, teenagers especially, can’t work. Some parents these days are so over-protective that they have to know where their children are at all times. Or perhaps the teen is still not of legal age to work in his or her country.

There are way too many reasons to list all in one post, so we will just dive into the solutions. And for the sake of this post, we will list all the suggestions, including traditional work.

Tip #1: Work part-time

If you happen to be a teen who is free enough to go outdoors without having to inform your parents, then why don’t you grab a part-time job at some fast food restaurant in your area? Although the pay may not be high, you will still be earning money.

And hey, the money you earn goes directly into your piggy-bank, or savings account. Once it goes in there, it should never go out, unless you are going to use them to buy the guitar, of course.

Now this doesn’t have to be as complicated as most people think it to be. Go to your local fast food chains and see which ones have part-time work openings. Usually, they will have a notice written on their entrance. Even if they don’t, go and ask the manager.

Tip#2: Save your allowance

Another good way is to save your school allowance. Instead of buying lunch at school, pack your own. If you are going to use the excuse, “But I don’t have time!” then you probably don’t have a strong desire to learn playing the guitar, or buy one, for that matter.

Come on, you can always pack your lunch the night before! Besides, it’s not like you will be doing this for the rest of your academic career. Once you’ve got enough money saved to afford a guitar, you can go back to buying your lunch.

A good combo is to both work, if possible, and save your allowance. This way, you can reach the required amount in very little time.

Tip#3: Sell all the useless junk living in your closet or basement

Look carefully, we all have something that hasn’t been touched more than once or twice. Perhaps a dusty stuffed bear that you deserted when you hit puberty? Why don’t you wash it and sell it on Ebay or something? There is nothing wrong with turning into an entrepreneur for a couple of weeks (or however long it takes you).

To give you another idea, maybe you have some books that you read long ago and don’t feel like touching them again? You probably got the feeling that you may, in fact, reread them. Don’t kid yourself. You most likely won’t. Your brain has a million ways to trick you. If you didn’t touch these books in the last 3 months, chances are you won’t do so anytime soon.

Tip#4: Get paid to do house-work

A smart way to earn some extra cash is by doing the house-work on behalf of your parents, but with the condition to get paid. Maybe clean your room, wash the dishes, mow the backyard, etc…. The possibilities are endless.

Sit your parents for a talk and have a deal with them. They will most likely agree, because you will be taking a huge burden off their busy backs.

And hey, don’t fuss if the pay was low. You should be grateful that they are paying you to begin with. As someone who is living in their house, you doing the chores is part of your responsibility. Don’t be a brat about it; otherwise, they may stop paying  altogether (and you do not want that to happen).

Tip#5: Look for a free, used guitar

Do you have a friend who is giving their guitar away for free? Or maybe your parents’ friends? It may not be the easiest task to do, but nothing is wrong with looking. You might actually end up finding one. Finding a used one and for free is going to be a big challenge, though. Used guitars are not necessarily worn out and broken guitars. In fact, some used guitars are a thousand times better than a brand new one.

A tip on the side is working online. There is a lot of opportunities to make extra bucks online, even for teenagers. For instance, you can earn money by answering online surveys. However, it will be difficult. A lot of people who promote this route give you the impression that it is dead easy. It’s not. To get a few dollars, you may have to spend hours answering questions. If you find a survey, to begin with, because they require very specific survey-takers to answer them.

One thing which I personally found some results with is freelancing. As a teenager, you may feel like you have no skill to offer for freelancing, but you are quite wrong. You can offer tutoring, for example. Whatever subject you’re good at in school, offer tutoring services for that online. It doesn’t have to be school-related, either. Good at drawing? Then offer drawings for whoever asks for it! Be smart and thoughtful about it. You will find many opportunities.

As where to sell these services, I suggest Fiverr. It’s one of the best right now.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, are some suggestions for buying a guitar, or affording to buy one. Do not be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on some obscure, low quality guitar. Be very mindful that not all guitars out there are playable. Below, you can find some of our own picks for people on budget. Choose wisely!


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Happy Playin’!

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