Jameson Guitar Reviews – The Underrated King?

Jameson Guitar reviews


Jameson Guitar reviews

Yamaha, Ibanez, Epiphone, Taylor, Fender — the list will go on. You probably heard of all of these guitar brands. And you probably bought your guitar(s) only from these brands. Why? “Well, why not? These are the most reputable brands!” you may say, which isn’t wrong. These brands have gifted us with the best quality guitars over the years. HOWEVER, what about the quality guitars that are hidden under names that few have ever heard of? Let’s admit it, at some point or another, we are reluctant to spend money on a no-name or obscure-name guitar. That’s natural from us. Who would want to waste money on a useless piece of wood, after all? But not Jameson. Today, we are going to do a Jameson Guitar Review because I have read a lot of praise from few experienced guitar players on this guitar.

More About The Product

jameson guitar

A full scale acoustic electric guitar with a thin-line body for ultimate comfort and play-ability. Play it acoustically or plug it in. The guitar features a high-gloss finish on a single cutaway body for maximum comfort and performance.


  • 41 inch Overall Length – Full Scale
  • 3 Inch Body Thicknesss
  • Built-in Pickup
  • Gig Bag Case Included
  • Guitar Picks Included
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Steel Strings
  • Binding on Body & Neck
  • Maple Neck
  • Die-cast Enclosed Tuners

This was a quick description from Amazon. As you may have noticed, this guitar comes in a full pack, which makes it convenient for beginners.


jameson guitar side

Here’s more about the guitar from the Jameson Guitar website:



  • 41″ Full Scale Thinline Body with Cutaway
  • 3″ Body Thickness
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Spruce Top
  • Nato Body
  • Steel Strings
  • Solid Neck with Diecsat Tuners
  • Built-in Pickup with EQ
  • High Gloss Finish

What’s interesting about this guitar is that it’s available in a wide range of colors, unlike other brands of acoustic-electric guitars, which feature only a couple of colors. The style is both left and right-handed, and the dimensions are as follows: 46 x 18.6 x 5.3 inches. It weighs 8.45 pounds.


As I said earlier, a lot of players praised this guitar. Some of them were seemingly experienced guitar players with 20-30+ playing experience. Take a look at what they have got to say (from Amazon):


I’ll be 50 yrs old in a few days. I started playing guitar at 8. This is my 30th guitar. I started ordering various guitars from amazon a year and a half ago and have not been displeased at all with any of my orders. I get some for young people who cannot afford to get one for themselves and so have started exploring the guitars in the price range of 80 to 140 dollars. At first glance, it would seem pretty much impossible for any guitars in this price range to be of any worth, but the factories are set up to put out fine instruments now in this price range.

I can’t recommend this guitar highly enough to convince you what I think of it but I am astounded at the quality, playability and sound of this guitar. It has really good tuners and rings out like a bell without sounding at all shallow. The action is light enough, right out of the box that it easy to play bar chords and any suspended chords ring out and sustain well. I had 2 guitars similar to this, an ibanez and an Alvarez. One was 600 dollars and the other 300 dollars but they were no better than this. If you go into a guitar shop and pick up any steel string guitar for under 300 dollars you will see the same displeasing features.

mainly, they play hard, they sound shallow and do not attract an owner. This guitar is different. And it has a pickup in it. in a guitar shop, you would be hard-pressed to find a guitar like this for under 300 dollars, guaranteed. Just try it. you can always send it back if you don’t agree and then post a comment that I am a liar.


I own several guitars ranging from 700 dollars to 2000 dollars so I knew not to get my expectations up when purchasing a 100 dollar. I bought this as a gift for someone to learn on but when it arrived, I could not believe the quality of guitar this is. The tuning keys are high quality, the neck and fret board are high quality. It holds its tune as good as my Ovation and Ibanez acoustics as well as my 2000 dollar PRS guitar. Very easy to press the strings. Surely I thought this would be the difference maker from my more expensive guitars but it’s actually easier to play. The pickup is a little brighter sounding than on more expensive guitars but it’s nothing you can’t fix with your settings.


I was about to give this guitar four stars. However, RELATIVE to the PRICE, this is absolutely a five star purchase, all the way. For under one hundred dollars, I received a pretty Jameson acoustic/electric guitar that also sounds fantastic. Steel adjustable keys, no bow in the neck, lovely all the way around, sounds like a $400+ guitar for LESS than a bill. Even experienced left-hand players, order this, even if you have what you need, you won’t regret it to have an extra acoustic electric around. It plays like a dream plugged in or acoustically.

It is fairly shallow, but surprisingly that doesn’t compromise the sound… And it sounds full-bodied and the slim nature of the body adds to its character.

I am actually a right-handed player but I am somewhat ambidextrous and I can play the first position chords as a lefty. The action further down seems just fine as well. Why did I buy this? It is good to have around, you never know if your going to have a lefty over, plus, I want my brain exercise! DON’T PASS THIS DEAL UP.


For an acoustic-electric, this guitar is surprisingly inexpensive. What’s more astonishing is how much acclamation this guitar receives, yet it’s that cheap. It costs around $100 on Amazon. On Jamseson Guitar’s website, however, the guitar is displayed for around $250. This confused me a little bit over which price is actually the true price; however, I assume that Amazon has a better deal.

Buy the Jameson Guitar Now!

Should you buy it?

Well, this is a bit hard. Frankly, I never tried this guitar before. All of my information on this guitar is just from what I read about it. In other words, I don’t have any experience with this guitar. However, trying this guitar would be a good place to start. First, it’s not that expensive. And second, what people said about this guitar can’t actually be lies. You know, if people aren’t happy with their purchases, they wouldn’t even hesitate to show it. You might end up actually loving it, who knows?

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  1. Jameson guitars, never heard of it. That the point of this well written artcle.I feel Ive gotten as much info as there is, including amazon.I now have a well informed article upon which to base my decisions on.Thank you very much. One last question, do they make childrens guitars?Your article give statistics for the size, but nothing about a smaller size for kids.

    1. Glad you liked the article, Mark! Unfortunately, Jameson Guitars haven’t manufactured junior sized guitars. They offer only larger sizes.

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