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The Top 5 Electric Guitars Under $200

Our topic for today revolves  around electric guitars. To be precise, playable and, at the same time, cheap electric guitars. For those of you who are tight on money and want to play the guitar, don’t worry, we are at your rescue! You might wonder, “How can there be good and cheap electric guitars?” You …

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How To Read Chord-boxes Easily

One of the most important skills every guitar player should posses is the ability to read and comprehend chord-boxes. “Why?” you may ask. Because they are extremely useful. As simple as that. You probably know how important chords are when it comes to learning the guitar. In most cases, chords are what guitar players started …

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About Me

Let me introduce myself My name is Reim Ossaily, and I am from Lebanon. Over the past couple of years, my interest in acoustic guitars has risen dramatically, and continuing to do so. It all started when I went with my dad to a bookstore to buy a notebook. It wasn’t just a bookstore,though. It …

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