Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

There is nothing worse than getting stuck wondering whether you should start learning the guitar with an acoustic guitar or electric guitar. It’s frustrating, indeed. But here’s the catch: The answer is with you.

Like, what?

We know this probably made things even more confusing, but it’s the truth, sadly. No one but you knows the answer to this question. You see, acoustic guitars and electric guitars are completely two different instruments, even though they may look similar to you. They require different skills and techniques. Therefore, learning to play on one type will earn you skills to play on that particular guitar only, but no other.

Another thing is knowing which one you prefer. The myth that you should start on the acoustic guitar is just like that: a myth. Countless guitar players started their musical journey on an electric, and they are as good as the players who started on an acoustic.

Try playing on both types and see which one fits you the most. If you like the acoustic sound more, go ahead and start with the acoustic. And the same applies with the electric. Nearly all of the advice that you seek is going to be biased, so save yourself some energy and time by actually going and trying both types and weighing the pros and cons of each. This is, by far, the most effective method to know which one to choose.

One of the pros of acoustic guitars is that they are extremely convenient. You don’t have to go through the havoc of plugging it to an amp, and it doesn’t require electricity. Also, acoustic guitars are relatively cheaper compared to electric guitars. Almost any electric guitar, even with the same wood quality as an acoustic, will be more expensive.

The advantage of electric guitars is that they are generally more finger-friendly. They have thinner strings and relatively smaller necks, so your fingers don’t have to stretch to get to the top strings. As a result, they are more easier for beginners.

As for the disadvantages of both types, that’s for you to rule out. We are all different. What others may call a disadvantage may be an advantage for you. What you may find hard may be easy for someone else. So don’t rely too much on others’ opinions. Experiment with your own fingers and see what suits them best.


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Happy Playin’!

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