Squier Affinity Telecaster Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Squier Affinity Telecaster

squier affinity telecaster review
Squier’s Affinity Telecasters are well-known among electric guitar players. Despite their relatively cheap prices, these telecasters are valued to players. If there’s anything Squier is known for, then it’s certainly their Affinity Telecasters. The hype on these guitars is so huge, but are they really worth it? There has been instances where a particular guitar gets so acclaimed that we blindly go ahead and buy it, but, in the end, we get disappointed and frustrated to see that the hype was over absolutely nothing. This Squier Affinity Telecaster review will investigate whether this electric is actually worth it.

Product Description

As always, we must first get a good idea about the product before we dive any deeper, so here is a quick description from Amazon about this guitar:

The Squier by Fender Affinity Series Telecaster comes equipped with two Single-Coil Telecaster style pickups which provide the timeless Tele tone that has graced countless recording. The six saddle bridge design provides accurate note intonation throughout the neck as well as the ability to adjust the string height in relation to the fingerboard. With master volume, tone control, and three-way pickup-selectors provide vast tonal variations.

The smooth satin “C” shaped neck is designed to fit the natural curvature of a human palm allowing the player to feel a direct connection to the hard rock maple.


squier affinity telecaster full body

From the body shape, to the pickups, to the coveted headstock; the Affinity Series Telecaster provides all the desirable aesthetics of the original Fender Telecaster. This guitar doesn’t just look like the real thing, but it plays and sounds like it too.


telecaster headstock

Six Saddle Top-Loaded Bridge

A top load bridge creates a slightly “slinkier” feel by reducing the break angle of the strings over the saddles. The six individual saddles can be adjusted for precise intonation along each string.

Two Telecaster Style Single-Coil Pickups

The Squier by Fender Affinity Series Telecaster comes equipped with two Single-Coil Tele Pickups. These pickups have been specially designed to replicate the legendary sound of classic Fender Telecasters.


telecaster body

What People Are Saying

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, most of the reviews on this guitar were positive even from the experienced guitarists. By that, I mean the players who have been playing for 40+ years. Take a look at some of the reviews:


First some personal background, I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. I have owned every major make and model you can imagine. Even so I have always been a Fender guy. I own quite a collection of Gretsch’s, Fenders, Hagstrums and Schecters. But I am aging. I still play but I no longer need to lug around A car load of guitars and amps. So I have begun to lighten the load.

I wanted to find an instrument that I could pull out and play without worrying about much fuss. On a whim I decided on this little Tele. I got the Butterscotch Blonde.All I can say is I am stunned by the quality of appearance, sound and feel. After a minor tweak to the intonation this Tele was ready to play. Great action out of the box. This may be a beginner’s guitar but I am as excited about playing her as I was about my first instrument.

Fender has outdone themselves again. I love this little Squier, I recommend this guitar to anyone and everyone that loves to play and have fun doing it.


I had planed on buying a Gladiator Tele guitar for about $149.00 when I received I didn’t like the way the head stock was made and the neck was not straight. So for a few dollars more I ordered the Squire. I expected to send it back because I had been disappointed with the last lower end Tele’s. This has been one of the best guitars I have ever played. The neck was straight and it sounds great through my Fender Frontman amp.

The action was low the way I like it. It stays in tune rather well. I have not had to tune it much. The tone for each of the pick-ups can be warm or brassy depending on the selection. I got this guitar for something play around with to practice ideas without an amp so not to disturb anyone.

It is so clean through the amp I am now using it for recording. The sound is absolutely amazing! The only drawback is that the first one that I ordered was delivered damaged and I had to return and wait another 5 days to get the replacement. The strings are 10s. I normally play with 9’s.which I am finding out is a plus for full bending of notes. This is a great deal for a great guitar that is easy to play and has a great tone.

I have a Fender Frontman 212 Amp that run my instruments through. This guitar sounds amazing though it.


I’m an acoustic guy but I’ve gotten into home audio recording. I needed a serviceable electric and this axe fits the niche. This is a good, mid range instrument. A really nice guitar for a beginner, and a decent instrument for the intermediate player. String action was very good, and can be adjusted with provided tools.

Fit and finish is pretty good. I admit, I’m a guitar snob, and the Squire logo is gross, but this isn’t a gigging guitar its an electric guitar that stays in tune for adding parts to my songs. There are differences between this guitar and the standard (MIM) and American Telecaster, mainly string setup, woods, finish and most importantly pickups.

This guitar sounds like a Telecaster, it’s not too thin and has the twang that Tele’s are known for. In my opinion, Tele’s are very versatile instruments. I strung mine with 12’s as I don’t care for 9’s,  and don’t have any trouble with bends. I made a few, minute adjustments to the string action due to increased string gauge.  In conclusion, I recommend this guitar.

So, What Did We Deduce?

We can deduce that trying this guitar won’t make your money go to waste. This guitar must really be something. It’s not like these people are lying or something. Give it a try either in your local guitar shop or, if you are that convinced, by buying one. After all, 200 bucks for such a good quality guitar is a bargain that’s rare to be found.

How much does it cost?

As aforementioned, this guitar doesn’t go above 200 dollars It’s available in maple fretboard for both right and left-handed players, as well as in rosewood fretboard for right-handed players. This telecaster is available in multiple colors which makes it even more interesting.

Buy the Squier Affinity Telecaster Here.

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  1. LOVE my Squier Affinity Tele! Plays great after a basic setup. Intonation was spot on. Have many guitars of various makes and styles but keep going back to the Squier!

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