Squier Guitars Review – Are They As Bad As People Deem Them to Be?

Squier Guitars review

Squier guitars. Have you ever heard of them before? Chances are that you had not, which is why I’m posting this article here. Some guitar brands go completely unnoticed and shadowed by other, more known brands. It’s a no-brainer why these prominent brands are so well-known. For years, they have been providing us with quality guitars and products. Some examples include: Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, and Taylor. We had been told for ages to avoid obscure and no-name guitars. This is, in most cases, true. Often times, these ‘no-name’ guitars end up being of no quality and, thus, rip-offs. However, are they all the same? Continue reading this Squier Guitars review to find out.

What are Squier Guitars?

Squeir Guitars, or The V.C. Squier Company, is a company owned by Fender. It was established in 1890 by Victor Carroll Squier. It was later bought by Fender. Squier products are less-costly than Fender’s. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are of poorer quality. Squier has got some good guitars to show off. As you continue reading, I will give you a list of some of these guitars.

Are They Beginner-Friendly?

Absolutely! If anything, Fender Squier guitars are arguably the best guitars a beginner can pick. To quote from experience, I have a Squier SA-105 sunburst acoustic guitar, and let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting this purchase to be that much, especially since the guitar was barely over a 100 dollars. However, my first strum on this guitar completely crushed my expectations. The sound was so rich and pleasant, and lasted for a good amount of seconds after the strum. The action was perfect for a beginner’s fingers. It wasn’t too low nor too high. Just on point.

The finish was like a mirror. I could literally see my reflection on the pitch black back of the body, not to mention how smooth it was. The wood type was lamented basswood for the top, back, and sides. And dark-stained maple neck, bridge, and fingerboard. The neck was C-shaped and very comfortable for my grip.

And you won’t believe me if I tell you that the guitar surprisingly does a good job at staying in tune! Even after a long session of playing, the guitar never went out of tune. And the strings that came from the factory were mouth-dropping. Often times, people recommend changing the strings that come initially on the guitar. However, I didn’t bother. The strings were simply too good to be changed.

What are Some of Their Notable Guitars?

Here comes the fun part! Fender Squier has got a bunch of good quality guitars for you, some of which include:

Squier SA-150 Acoustic Guitar

Squier SA-150

Look at this beauty! This Squier SA-150 acquired its name as one of the most recommended guitars for beginners. Many people have given it a thumbs up.


-This is a super basic beginner’s instrument, but it is perfect for the beginner and sounds nice enough to carry them through several years of learning, at the very least. While it’s still new enough that I can’t yet tell how well it will keep its tuning, I presented it to my oldest daughter, who has been agitating for a guitar, and she is mightily pleased with it. It tuned up well enough and so far, a few weeks later, seems to be holding its tuning. It has a lovely mellow classic acoustic timbre and my daughter is enjoying it very much. Good-quality replacement strings will bump this guitar up from “rank beginner” to “nice strummer to carry through college”, so that will definitely be the upgrade to make once she masters her basics. On another positive note, I have not noticed the unpleasant smell other reviewers have commented on — perhaps the manufacturer resolved that issue.

-Shipped to survive the trip with good packing box within a box. Looks fantastic with a deep, high black gloss finish. Fits perfectly inside Music Area RB20 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Waterproof with 20mm cushion protection – Black. Great starter instrument for gifting.

Buy the Squier SA-150


Squier by Fender BulletStrat

Squier BulletStrat

In addition to coming in different styles, this Squier BulletStrat is another great pick for beginner and intermediate level players. This electric guitar shattered the expectations of many buyers. They didn’t expect much from this $225 guitar, but they got much.

-I could say for a guitar that costs less than $100 it sounds really good, but it sounds and plays REALLY GOOD no matter what the cost. Playing through a Marshall 15R amp. Eventually want to upgrade the tuners and put some Seymour Duncan Cool Rails on it. Take it from a good $99 guitar to a great guitar that would probably run ten times the cost for just a few hundred dollars more.

-The seller had this to me in record time, well packaged, and 100% as described. These folks are A++!

The guitar feels good in the hand, but like most of these “knock offs” the frets needed attention. The PU were weak in this one IMHO, so I swapped out the entire pick guard with a black pearl one with some dual rails & 3 mini toggles.

After swapping all the hardware over to black I have one sharp looking AND playing axe!

Buy the Squier BulletStrat

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Squier Classic Vibe 60's

Lastly on our list is this Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster. No words to describe this precious piece if art.

-I couldn’t believe my ears very nice tone and exactly as how it was described. Im still considering installing other pick-ups thought. In search of a tone I want.

-Squire is on it’s game. Fenders new CO came from Guitar Center and it shows. Good fret work, fit and finish and just over all well done. I did sometimes run into problems when researching upgrades from regular Fender parts. Gorgeous maple neck tiger striping on this one. This and the Super Champ X2 amp pair up good. Well done Fender.

-Great guitar for the price. Needed to be setup (action and intonation lousy), but otherwise great.

Buy the Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster


Are They Worth It?

Yes, yes, and 100 more yes-es! If you are looking for something that isn’t too harsh on your bank account, but at the same perfect for your taste, then the Squier guitars are what you’re looking for. You will not be disappointed. You’ve got my promise. Yes, they do have some cons, but their pros outweigh their negative sides.

To mention one from my personal experience, the fret board on my Squier SA-105 was a bit tough on my fingers. Being a finger style player, I had a little difficulty with sliding my fingers on the fret board. First, it hurt. And second, it affected my calluses that I endure so much pain and hard work to get.

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6 thoughts on “Squier Guitars Review – Are They As Bad As People Deem Them to Be?

  1. Squier guitars are definitely beginner friendly guitars. I’ve known heaps of beginner guitarists over the years who bought themselves a Fender Squier (usually a second hand one).

    Personally, in my own experience, I actually prefer the sound of the Squier guitars over the other Fenders. That’s just me, but they’ve always been popular, I guess because they are a little cheaper too.

    Very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Squier’s are great guitars for beginners and they are fun to mod as well. I have a Squire Jazz Bass, Tele, and Mustang, I also own several Fenders.

    The Classic Vibe Squiers are very cool and sometimes have cooler colors/options than the Fenders.

    Buying them on the used market is can be a great way to get them even more inexpensive. I got my Tele used for less than 100 bucks. You can’t beat it.

  3. My niece bought me a New York Pro because I’m a beginner and I had to restring it because the sound was horrible. Maybe I should buy a Squire. Thanks for this review.

    1. I’m sorry for having a bad first guitar experience. You should definitely consider getting a Squier if you are beginner!
      Good luck!

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