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Yousician Review – Is It A Good Tool To Learn The Guitar?

We have come to an age where learning anything is just one click away, and this includes learning how to play the guitar. There has been a long debate on whether it is possible for someone to learn the guitar online. But for the sake of this article, we will skip talking about that for …

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Fender Acoustic Guitar Review – Is It Worth It?

Back again with another product review, today, I will be presenting you with another acoustic guitar that has soared with 4+ ratings and 1000+ orders. The guitar of which I’m speaking is also commonly recommended for beginners. It is both cheap and said to be effective. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Amazon’s …

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How to Play the F Barre Chord – The Original Way

You read that title right. We are going to talk about how to play the F barre chord, or every beginners sworn enemy. DUN DUN DUN! Ahem! We apologize. Now let’s get back to the lesson. Yes, it is a tricky chord, or , let us be honest, every barre chord is a pain in …

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How To Tune A Guitar

Let’s face it: Playing with a guitar that is not properly tuned will sound like a wailing donkey (no offense ). We don’t have to keep the truth hidden any longer. If your guitar does not sound right, have you checked if it’s tuned? Let us guess, are you scratching your head over what the …

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