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How to afford a guitar

How To Afford A Guitar – 5 Tips

Buying a guitar is the first step to start learning to play on the instrument. And it’s the most important, because without a guitar, it’s hard – impossible, actually – to actually learn playing the guitar. But what if you don’t  have the money to buy one?   DUN-DUN-DUN! A hard question, no? Most people, …

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fender acoustic guitar

The Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

What is a good acoustic guitar for an absolute beginner? Which acoustic guitar is best for beginners? What are some of the best beginner acoustic guitars? This is the dilemma of every starter guitarist: choosing an acoustic guitar, or any kind of guitar they wish to start with, for that matter. Nowadays, the guitar market …

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traveler guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Review – One Of The Best Travel Guitars?

  Traveling with a guitar is arguably one of the most frightening experiences a guitar player can ever have. You are constantly stressing over whether you will be unfortunate enough to encounter a grumpy flight attendant or security staff who won’t approve of you taking the guitar as a carry-on item. What’s worse than finding …

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Shubb Deluxe Capo

The Top Guitar Capos on Amazon

  Have you ever wondered what those strangely claw-like shaped objects some guitarists use on their guitars are? Well, you are not the first, and certainly not the last. To put it shortly, they are called capos. And what they do, basically, is raise the pitch of the strings by shortening their length. As simple …

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Squier Guitars review

Squier Guitars Review – Are They As Bad As People Deem Them to Be?

Squier guitars. Have you ever heard of them before? Chances are that you had not, which is why I’m posting this article here. Some guitar brands go completely unnoticed and shadowed by other, more known brands. It’s a no-brainer why these prominent brands are so well-known. For years, they have been providing us with quality …

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