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Top Electric Guitar Strings

In the last article, we talked about the top acoustic guitar strings. Today, however, we are going to target the acoustic guitar’s sibling: the electric guitar. You see, the electric guitar uses absolutely different type of strings. Unlike the acoustic which uses steel strings, the electric uses metal strings. Now, you might think that they …

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Top acoustic guitar strings

Top Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitar strings. They are the main component of the guitar. They play a very, very big role in defining the tone, resonance, and quality of your guitar’s sound. And it’s a fatal mistake to think they are not of much importance. In fact, they are. And you should always be careful with picking strings for …

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How To Choose Guitar Strings – A Simple Technique

Guitar strings play an important role in affecting the tone and play-ability of a guitar. They come in different sizes and types. Whether your guitar is acoustic, classical, or electric also determines your options for choosing strings. But there are way too many types of strings, how are we supposed to know what strings to …

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