The Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

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What is a good acoustic guitar for an absolute beginner? Which acoustic guitar is best for beginners? What are some of the best beginner acoustic guitars?

This is the dilemma of every starter guitarist: choosing an acoustic guitar, or any kind of guitar they wish to start with, for that matter.

Nowadays, the guitar market is loaded with hundreds of thousands of acoustic guitar brands alone. It is not surprising, therefore, to get confused and stuck. Didn’t we all hear it?

Don’t buy anything too expensive; focus on the quality of the guitar; get what you find the most comfortable for you to play with etc…. The list will go on forever.


And this, my friend, is true for all of the above. You have to keep in mind that you are just starting out. What you need is acoustic guitar that serves the purpose for you as a beginner. Your first guitar doesn’t have to be a top-notch brand name. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get started. In fact, even a $100 guitar will do the job for you. Heck, even I didn’t start out with a $100 guitar. My first guitar, which was a toy, mind you, was for 20 dollars. Does that make you feel any better? Just know that we all start somewhere.

Here are the acoustic guitars that every beginner should look at:


Yamaha F310

You have probably heard of the Yamaha  F310. If you haven’t, then be grateful that you just did. This acoustic guitar is widely spoken of, and it’s constantly recommended for beginners to start out with. In my point of view, this guitar sounds pretty good considering it’s price. The action is just perfect for a starter’s hands.

Here are some of the top reviews on the product:


-For my first guitar, which was recommended, by a guitar teacher, this is perfect, for the price,sound, and build quality, I would definitely recommend.

-Excellent Guitar! As a complete beginner, I was playing around with an old guitar which I’d borrowed from a friend and decided to buy my own. I checked out reviews and settled on this one.

It’s a lovely guitar and sounds fantastic once tuned up. It’s very easy to play with a comfortable action.

If you’re looking for your first guitar or even if fancy a second or third to build your collection then look no further, you could do a lot worse.

-If you’re looking at this guitar, I’m guessing you want an entry level instrument of decent quality. And If that’s you, you won’t be disappointed.

I bought one of these 15 years ago, partly because it was recommended as a good starter by a proper musician, and partly because it felt good. I figured that if I outgrew it in a couple of years, it would still be good value.

Well I still have it. It’s still my only acoustic – yes I did catch the bug and started playing electric – and it’s what I reach for more often than not. No, it’s not the world’s greatest guitar. The action is quite high, the pegs are awkward when changing strings, and the finish is only ok. But the tone – well, it’s just a joy. I’ve heard nothing at this price point which gets close. There are plenty of more expensive guitars which don’t sound as good.

I’ve never regretted buying this instrument, not once. If the house burned down, I’d probably go right out and buy another one.

Get the Yamaha F310


Martin Smith W-100

Another widely spoken of guitar, Martin Smith W-100 is a solid pick for starters. And hey, it’s cheap! Where can you find a decent acoustic guitar for such a low price? Even the reviews prove it:

– Always wanted to learn acoustic guitar and finally let myself buy one. Found this Martin Smith guitar to be top notch to learn with and comes with all you need to get going (used guitar tuna app on my phone for tuning). My children are now determined to learn so all foods come of it. Ohh and pictures look good but the real thing is better, starting to wish I got the blue one now – choose wisely 🙂

-For someone like me who started learning to play the guitar I believe it is absolutely worth the price as I have it myself

Get the Martin Smith W-100

Ibanez V50NJP-NT



Whew! That’s  such a long and tedious name for an acoustic guitar (Spoiler: there’s worse)! It’s totally worth buying, though. Take it from me, you will like it. 😉 Oh, and don’t forget to take it from the others, too!

-It looks and sounds great and is outstanding value because of the whole package you get for the money. I have never played guitar before but I am learning steadily with this one and I think it’s a good choice for that.

-For the price I can’t complain, lovely sound off this guitar and pretty well made. Perfect guitar for a beginner, very easy to play

Get the Ibanez V50NJP-NT

Stretton Payne Dreadnought

Stretton Payne
Last, but not least, the Stretton Payne Dreadnought acoustic guitar. You tell me, doesn’t it look cool? Yeah, it sounds cool, feels cool, and, overall, is cool. Don’t miss it!

-Not much I can say other than I love it. Have simply had hours of pleasure gently strumming away. Bought because an earlier reviewer said it was easy to play for a beginner. he was right.

-was very happy with this guitar, once tuned it sounds great.. the guitar tuner is on point and works very well.

Get the Stretton Payne Dreadnought

And There You Have It!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and give me your opinion!

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