The Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars For People On Budget

 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Money, money, money. Money here. Money there. Money everywhere!

Yeah, everything requires money. Something not everyone has in abundance. Being poor is indeed a huge disadvantage to those who like to try out new stuff. And perhaps the acoustic guitar is one of them.

That is when you immediately shake the thought, asking yourself, ” how can I even think of buying such a luxurious instrument when I am dirt poor?”

Well then, good news! Actually, it is possible!

You can become a great guitarist even if you have no money. I mean, if Jimi Hendrix did it, why the hell can’t you?

For those who don’t know Jimi Hendrix’s story, here you go:

Born in Seattle on November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix grew up in the heart of poverty and hardships. He, along with his family, was so poor that he used to steal from grocery stores just to eat. 

At that time, Jimi was keenly passionate about playing the guitar. However, his financial disability prevented him from buying a guitar. In turn, he used to pretend that he was playing using a broomstick, in addition to the one-string ukulele which he had. His indigence didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream.

At the age of 15, Hendrix finally managed to get an actual guitar. From there, he started taking advises and tips from various places. With enough practice and dedication, Hendrix became one of the most influential musicians of his times, even with the short career he has had.

So, what’s your excuse?

Thankfully though, even top-notch guitar companies give people with financial disabilities some consideration.

Yep, you read that right. I did just say ‘top-notch’.

Here are the best acoustic guitars for people on budget:

Stretton Payne Dreadnought

Stretton PayneOnly for 70 GBP, this Stretton Payne Dreadnought is probably one of the best picks people on budget could get. Both the price and quality are on point.

-Bought for my grandchild, great value for money and speedy delivery

-bought this for our granddaughter who is 13 going on 50!!!! she is music mad and wanted a guitar, so we decided to buy this one. We were very pleased with the whole package.. has everything in there you could wish for when starting the guitar. Six months free lessons on line.. smashing idea. Great for the price…. and she is happy with it.

Get the Stretton Payne Dreadnought


Yamaha F310

This Yamaha F310 goes only for 94 GBP. This acoustic is really good for the price. A lot of people commend this guitar for its quality and price.

-for the price, you will not get a better acoustic.
such a solid guitar. had one back in SA and cos they are so cheap on Amazon i thought what the heck.

arrived today, well packaged. great condition, decent action although obviously adjustments can be made. i put some nice elixirs on her and now she really sings!

-Arrived the next day in immaculate condition. The tone on this Yamaha easily compares with guitars in the £600/ £700 price range. I tried them. Bought this to see if I could learn to play too, without committing myself too heavily.
In short a bargain!

Get the Yamaha F310

Yamaha F310P2

Yamaha F310P2

The Yamaha F310P2 slides a little bit to the higher end, price wise. For roughly 119 GBP, this acoustic guitar is highly acclaimed for the bargain and quality. It’s great for people with little money. Overall, it is worth the investment.

-Over the years I’ve played anything from really cheap guitars from Woolworths to hand made costing over £1000 and this instrument is up there with the very best. Well worth the money, lovey action right up the fretboard. Haven’t used the tuner or DVD so I can’t comment. Prompt service with no problems.

-For the price, the sound and action are outstanding. A perfect beginner-intermediate guitar

Get the Yamaha F310P2

Martin Smith W-100

Martin Smith W-100

And finally, the Martin Smith W-100. The cheapest of all. It costs a mere 50 GBP. Can you see a better bargain? Additionally, it has all the qualities that make it perfectly playable. I will leave you with the product’s reviews to evaluate it yourself.

-For someone like me who started learning to play the guitar I believe it is absolutely worth the price as I have it myself

-Arrived quickly and as advertised. A few blemishes on the edges though.
For the price I must say I am impressed. The size is full and perfect for beginners to learn to play along. The tuning holds up too and really have no complaints. The blemishes on a new product consumed the 1 star from the otherwise five star product at this price.

Get the Martin Smith W-100

Are They Worth It?

You see, very, very few beginners start with a high-end guitar, whether it be acoustic or electric. Most guitar players started with guitars like the ones listed above. This shows that they are capable of doing the job. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if your first guitar is a $100 guitar or a $1000 guitar. What matters is what you do with that guitar. You buy your first guitar to learn on it, not boast to human beings about it (or so we hope!). Also, don’t feel inferior if you find a fellow beginner owning a guitar triple the price of yours. Focus on improving and becoming a pro player and then worry about the rest.



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