The Top 5 Electric Guitars Under $200

electric guitars under 200

electric guitars under $200Our topic for today revolves around electric guitars. To be precise, playable and, at the same time, cheap electric guitars. For those of you who are tight on money and want to play the guitar, don’t worry, we are at your rescue! You might wonder, “How can there be good and cheap electric guitars?” You are right to some degree. Electric guitars  are usually more costly than acoustic guitars because–well– they are electric! We can’t really blame guitar manufacturers for making them expensive. A lot of hard work and investment go into making them. Fortunately, some manufacturers give some consideration to budget folks like you, so let’s take a moment and thank them for their selflessness. Anyhow, let us hop into the point. In this article, we are going to present to you the top 5 electric guitars under $200.

Epiphone Les Paul Special-II

Probably one of the best electric guitars in the market, the Epiphone Les Paul Special-II is known for it’s ridiculously cheap price and good quality. Seriously, you will be surprised once you try it, just like the rest of those who did.

-If you can’t afford the original – this is the next best thing. Well set up and only needed tuning. Well packaged. Cant go wrong for £109

-Very nice guitar to add to my collection. It arrived quickly and was well packaged unlike the Ammon guitar I bought via Amazon in Spain. It only needed tuning to start playing. It’s solidly built and with great colour. Great for a beginner and a steal at the current price.

Get the Epiphone Les Paul Special-II


Johnny Brook Electric Guitar

Johnny brook

I have to say that the Johnny Brook Electric Guitar is so underrated. Only for 99.99 GBP and sounds terrific. Still not so quite convinced? Here are some of the reviews this guitar has gotten from people:

-This item was bought as a gift for a friend, i checked it out, tuned it and played it. Perfect for a beginner. I know my guitars as I have owned a guitar since 1958 and still have an original Hofner Senator, and a fender strat, SO i would recommend this item to anyone who wants a great little guitar to learn on.

-I bought this guitar kit for myself i didn’t want to spend a fortune as this is my 1st guitar & i couldn’t be more pleased,its got everything you need to get started,looks good & sounds great,would recommend to any 1st timers

Get the Johnny Brook


Yamaha Pacifica 012

It’s a truth widely known that most, if not all, Yamaha products–or guitars, for that matter–are reasonably priced. It’s also widely known that Yamaha products are commendable for their high quality. The Yamaha Pacifica 012 happens to be among them.

Yamaha PAC12


-Excellent guitar, sounds good and appears solid and well made.

-Very well made and in perfect condition thanks to excellent packaging. Can play straight out of the box no adjustment needed. Sound is going to depend on your amp, mine (amp) is limited so hard to be objective on this. 4 stars because you can get a Fender for not much more so it can’t be great value but it is a good guitar. One thing to note is I saw a review saying it was ridiculously easy to play. That might be right for Clapton and co but me and I suspect the majority of amateur players will be as good/bad as always the day after its delivered

Get the Yamaha Pacifica 012

Ibanez Gio Series

Ibanez Gio CSeries

You would think that Ibanez guitars’ prices reach the sky. So how can they be on the list. Surprisingly, not all their products are highly priced. This is the case with Ibanez Gio Series. No, you’re not dreaming.

-full sized guitar delivered next day with Prime. No scratches. Guitar was very close to correct tuning. Came with a tremelo bar and jack to jack lead, Tremelo is a floating tremelo. If you plan to put heavy strings on it you will need to add a third spring at the back of the body. Very happy with this models sustain. Would reccomend to experienced and inexperienced players. Oh and it has full two scales on each string (i.e it’s a 24 fretter)

-An absolutely fantastic guitar.. Everything is as it states in its write up.. Well worth the money., sound is absolute quality… My son is 12 and originally had a cheap starter guitar.. This IBANEZ is a whole different ballgame.. AMAZING AMAZINGAMAZING!!!

Get the Ibanez Gio Series.

Rockburn LP2 Electric Guitar

Good quality? Check. Low price? Check. Playable? Check that too. All in all, an all-rounded electric  guitar that has attained loads of positive feedback. Waiting for yours, too. 😉


-This is great value. I haven’t played the guitar since I was a teenager [which is quite a long time ago!] The guitar is great – looks and sounds good. The amp is fine – lots of volume for the size and plenty of different tones and distortion available. Smoke on the water eat your heart out! The strings and bits and bobs are ok. The strap came off so I quickly bought another – watch out for this but the case fits and the picks work – to be honest I’d go back to the first point, this is great value for money.

-I really can’t complain about this product. Everything came in the package, the guitar is in brilliant condition and sounds awesome. If you’re wanting one, go ahead and get it! You won’t regret it. However, you should know that the blue on the body is slightly more turquoise than shown here, though that isn’t a big deal for me.

Get the Rockburn LP2.

And with this, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the end of our session for today.

Note: Don’t forget that you have to keep some money on the side to get an amplifier. No amp= no playing. 

Keep Playin’!

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