Top Acoustic Guitar Strings

Top acoustic guitar strings

Guitar strings. They are the main component of the guitar. They play a very, very big role in defining the tone, resonance, and quality of your guitar’s sound. And it’s a fatal mistake to think they are not of much importance. In fact, they are. And you should always be careful with picking strings for your guitar, because not all guitar strings are the same. There are different types of strings that come with different gauges. If you are scratching your head over what on Earth I’m saying, then I highly recommend that you take a look at this article. As for now, I’m going to get you through the top acoustic guitar strings which are trustworthy and high-quality.

Elixir Strings

Elixir strings

Elixir Strings have taken their names for quite a long time now. And not for nothing, really. Their strings are known for being durable and worth the money. They don’t snap easily, and they don’t rust or die easily, either. As a bonus, they are super cheap, too! Elixir offers a variety of gauges. They also have coated strings, which are known for lasting up to a whopping 6 months! They are more costly, though. But they are worth it. Here are some reviews from verified buyers on Amazon:

-It’s okay. I decided to try it out because my favorite Independent band, Boyce Avenue, uses the brand and their guitar sounds so nice live. Anyway, they’re durable and lasts long. However, the strings are kind of hard to press compared to the usual strings that I use. Also, I don’t like how it eliminates the squeaky noise when sliding chords and whatnot–makes me feel like I have a silent guitar. The tone is nice and balanced, but not quite bright in my ears. Still giving it a 5 though because they’re very durable and clean looking compared to the ones I usually use, which after about 5 days of heavy-duty usage it turns to a different color.

-Have a full Bodied Yamaha Acoustic that had Elixir poly web light. That all but destroyed the performance! Went to these and I am absolutely amazed at the difference strings can make. I know they can, but, holy S**T !! What an upgrade. Forget “Poly”. It’s “Nano” from now on as well as 80/20 Bronze! It’s as if I bought a new guitar and a far more $ one at that. Low -E to High- E , all strings resonate brighter, longer, truer . Albeit I now know that a full body needs a heavier string, the sacrifice is the increased force to fret the strings. Just have to toughen up,strengthen my left fingers. Feel,playability is smooth. I feel I made two changes at once but both in the Right direction.

-Strings offer great tone, and the tone is long lasting. Have had the strings on for 3 weeks, and the coating is starting to wear off on the D and G strings when using a flat pick. Strings still have their tone which is good.

For fingerpicking, I can recommend. For using picks, I don’t recommend. Maybe if it lasted 2 months before the coating started coming off, then I’d recommend.

Get the Elixir Strings here.

D’Addrio Strings

D'Addrio strings
You surely heard of them before, right? Because who didn’t? They are the word of every guitar player! Another great pick I would recommend, the D’Addrio strings average around 12 bucks for the set of 3. That’s a bargain, I swear. Like the Elixir strings, the D’Addrio strings also come in a wide range of gauges and types. They also offer packs of 10 and sets for 12 strings guitars. These are some of our hand-picked reviews for ya:

-Bought for my Martin acoustic.

– Great sound.

– Bass not as strong as heavier strings, but easier to play.

– Has held a nice tone for a couple months so far.

-I bought a beat up used 12 string and the last step in its rehab was a fresh set of D-Addario EXP strings. I use these on my 6 and I was not disappointed in the 12 string set. The tone is very rich and the EXP strings last a long time. I like the light gauge set for playing 12-string because they are easier to chord and bend when playing solos. I highly recommend thes.

-These are the best strings we have used! They are very easy to put on. Each string has a color at the end of it that coordinates to where it goes on the guitar. Each set of strings comes in its own air tight sealed package so they stay fresh until you are ready to put on your guitar. They sound very vibrant, bright, loud and clear! You get a good range of clear sounds from low E to high E. None of these have ever snapped on me when changing tuning and I have no worries that they will. They are very durable and strong and have zero problems with them. They remain sounding perfect until I am ready to put on a fresh set.

(Bought first package of 3 sets in Jan 2014 for $12.89. Bought 2nd package of 3 sets in April 2015 for $11.99)

Get the D’Addrio Strings now!

Martin & Co. Strings

Top acoustic guitar strings

The Martin&Co;. are among my recommended list after the Elixir and D’Addrio. I have read about a lot of guitar players recommeding them to their students or other fellow guitarists. ( Hint: They cost less than 5 bucks for the set. 😉 ). The reviewers also gave these strings their thumbs up. See for yourself:

-I’ve been playing since I was twelve; these are the only strings I ever use on my acoustic guitars. They keep in tune, they play beautifully, and sound good every time.

-Was nervous about replacing my strings at first, after watching a few videos I decided to go for it with these strings. Once I was strung up I noticed a real positive difference in my tone. Perhaps my prior strings were too old, but these seem top notch. Definitely ordering more.

-Good quality strings for the price, and they sound great on all of my acoustic guitars

Get the Martin&Co;. Strings now!

Is That It?

Certainly not! There are many other good string brands out there! These were just a sample of what poeple most positively talk of. Learn from others’ experiences, folks! But you can create your own, too. If you happen to prefer a specific brand of strings not mentioned here, we will be happy if you share it with us in the coment section!

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  1. Nice review, this are some decent strings and all work fine and sound good, but my preference is the Martin strings also. Not only for the quality, but also the price. You can afford to change them more often and keep higher quality of sound.

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