Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Review – One Of The Best Travel Guitars?

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traveler guitarTraveling with a guitar is arguably one of the most frightening experiences a guitar player can ever have. You are constantly stressing over whether you will be unfortunate enough to encounter a grumpy flight attendant or security staff who won’t approve of you taking the guitar as a carry-on item. What’s worse than finding your guitar in two pieces after checking it in? For a guitar enthusiast, absolutely nothing. For this reason, guitar manufacturers were considerate enough to come up with a solution: travel guitars. Yep, there is such thing as travel guitars. And today, we are going to talk specifically on one of those travel guitars: Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar.


How does it work?

Travel guitars are just like a standard guitar, except that they are smaller and usually have different body shape. To get a good idea of how they work, here’s a quick excerpt from Amazon on how these guitars work:

traveler guitar ultra-light


The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is the smallest, lightest full-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar on the market. The proprietary In-Body Tuning System uses standard tuning machines relocated into the body, eliminating the need for a headstock. As a result, you’ll have the same full-scale playing experience you’re used to on an instrument that’s 31 percent shorter and 43 percent lighter than a typical full size acoustic.

You can plug the Ultra-Light into your favorite amp or recording device thanks to its Shadow acoustic piezo pickup and standard 1/4 inch output. The lap rest is detachable for easy transport, so guitar and bag fit easily in an airline overhead compartment. And, since the guitar weighs less than three pounds and is only 28 inches long, you can take it anywhere.

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is the perfect solution for traveling players who want a full-scale experience in the smallest, lightest package possible.


“Full Scale” means the Ultra-Light has the same playing area as a standard guitar, preserving the full-sized playing experience in a much smaller package.

traveler guitar ultra-light
Compact Design

The In-Body Tuning System, minimalistic body, and detachable lap rest make the Ultra-Light extremely portable.

Piezo Pickup

The under-saddle piezo pickup provides a bright acoustic sound, and a standard 1/4 inch output lets you plug into your favorite amp.


Traveler guitar


Scale Length: 24 3/4-inch.

Pickup(s): Traveler Piezo.

Body: Eastern American Hard Maple.

Neck: Eastern American Hard Maple.

Construction: Neck-though-body.

Finish: Natural Satin Finish.

Fingerboard: Ebonized Rosewood.

Fingerboard Inlays: Vintage Clay Dots.

Frets: 22 Medium.

Hardware: Chrome 14:1 Gear ratio (Closed gear).

Neck Width at Nut: 1 3/4-inch.

Strings: D’Addario EJ15.

Overall Length: 28-inch.

Overall Depth: 2-inch.

Body Thickness: 1 1/2-inch.

Body Width: 5 1/4-inch (Lap Rest Detached).

Gig Bag LxWxH: 30 x 6 1/2 x 3 (inch).

Weight: 2 Pounds, 14 ounces.

Weight in Gig Bag: 3 pounds, 12 ounces.

– Audio Output: Standard 1/4-inch jack.

– Model #: ULST NAT.

Get the Traveler Ultra-Light Now!


Again, these are some questions and answers about the guitar from Amazon.

Q: Can I use regular guitar strings on a Traveler Guitar?

A: Yes. Feel free to use your favorite brand of guitar strings. The Ultra-Light Acoustic has D’Addario EJ15 strings factory installed.

Q: How loud is the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic?

A: The Ultra-Light Acoustic is a solid body acoustic which sounds about as loud as an unplugged electric guitar.

Q: Can I use a strap on a Traveler Guitar?

A: Yes. All our guitars are equipped with strap pins.

Q: Does the Ultra-Light Acoustic have a truss-rod?

A: Yes. All our guitars have fully adjustable truss rods.

Q: Can I plug the Ultra-Light Acoustic into amp?

A: Yes. All of our guitars come with a standard ¼-inch output jack.

Q: Is the Ultra-Light Acoustic full scale?

A: Yes, the Ultra-Light is a 24 3/4″ scale guitar.

Q: What kind of warranty does the guitar come with?

A: Traveler Guitar instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Q: Can I install locking tuners on the Ultra-Light Acoustic?

A: Yes, contact Traveler Guitar for specifics on models that can easily be installed.

Q: Can I carry the Ultra-Light Acoustic on an airplane?

A: We’ve carried our guitars on every major airline over the past 22 years—and we’ve never had a customer complain that they had a problem carrying their Traveler Guitar on a commercial flight. However, airline administrators control what they allow on their jets—so it’s best to check your airline’s website for details, or call before you arrive at the airport.


A lot of people were content with their purchase and deemed this guitar as worth its price. You may need to get a new set of strings set up on it before playing, but other than that, the quality and playability of this guitar is perfect. See for yourself:


I am satisfied with this travel friendly guitar. After having tried Yamaha Guitalele and FG Jr. Guitars while traveling, business and personal, I was surprised to find this product which provides a full-size neck and decent tone through your mobile device. I connect my Traveler through an IPod, or IPhone, with Amplitude and sometimes GarageBand. Amplitude provides a range of virtual amps for more choices to shape your sound, I usually use my Traveler for either practice (Yousician) and songwriting. I’ve not yet tried recording with it, anyway highly recommend this instrument for guitarists requiring a highly portable full size acoustic-electric, this fits easily within most luggage too.


-This guitar is not a typical “travel” guitar that lets you play alone or with others in a semi-quiet area. This guitar (unplugged) is only useful as a solo practice device; it is very quiet—similar to playing a solid body electric guitar with no amp. The neck quality is OK but not great—I had to file down the sharp fret ends. I also did some adjustment to the nut to get better action, but other players may have been OK with it as delivered.

The internal pickup works OK, but is not convenient for my situation. I may have to get a small battery powered ear-bud amp to allow practice in anything other than a quiet room. I was disappointed with my first outdoor test (on a sailboat), and I really couldn’t hear it as well as I had hoped.

Although a regular guitar strap will work on this guitar, one end of the strap interferes with my right elbow. The strap button (and pickup jack) is on the very top rear of the guitar, so about 1-1/2 inches of leather strap sticks above the guitar and digs into my elbow. I cut the leather down as far as I could, but it’s still not flush with the guitar. A strap having a very narrow “tongue” about 6 inches long would work much better. Considering the cost of this guitar, a simple suitable strap should be provided.

The gig bag is adequate, and held a truss rod adjustment tool along with very simple instructions. A side pocket to just enough to hold the lap rest along with a tuner, some picks, and a set of spare strings.

So overall I am satisfied, but considering the relatively high price I don’t think it’s a very good value.


A high quality instrument but the strings that came with it were very noisy. I replaced the strings and the guitar now works great, so one star minus for the poor strings. Even so the body is very small it does play like a full size guitar, I am very happy with it.

Is it expensive?

Well, I’m not going to say it’s cheap, but I’m not saying it’s expensive either. It also depends on you see something ‘expensive’ as expensive. This guitar is for $299.99 on Amazon. And quite frankly, it’s a bit over-priced, at least in my point of view. If you are traveling permanently or can’t sit a day without your guitar, then this travel guitar is for you.

Get the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric now!

Your Opinion?

If you happen to have tried this travel guitar before, then it would mean so much to us if you shared your experience with us. If you haven’t, then are having any thoughts on trying it out? Share with us in the comment section!


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