TrueFire Review – The Best Guitar Lessons? (2018)


We had previously reviewed a couple of online programs specialized in teaching the guitar, either it be free or paid. Today, however, we will review yet another online guitar program: TrueFire. While the first impression of someone looking at the name alone may be something far off from guitars, more or less music, TrueFire is a home for hundreds of lessons and courses whose mission is to provide a high quality guitar education.


TrueFire Review

The TrueFire homepage is an organized landing page. It introduces the different parts and aspects of TrueFire. Now before all that, there is some sort of a brief questionnaire that assesses your knowledge and level as far as playing the guitar is concerned. The questionnaire also includes a couple of questions about your genre preferences and desired style of playing. After that, you get a homepage with recommended courses based on your assessment.

The page also lists the featured and top courses as well as trending lessons over the past 24 hour periods. Similar to what you would see on GuitarTricks, TrueFire also exhibits a wide range of guitar styles like the Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, etc. All of which are suitable for skill levels starting from a beginner to an advanced level.

Another thing they display is a Jamming list with multi-track videos hosted by different guitar instructors. Each list is based on a particular guitar style and you get to choose which one to take.

TrueFire doesn’t fail to give its instructors a bit of publicity, for there is a list of recommended educators, which are again displayed based on your survey assessment. It helps to know more about your guitar teacher as it creates a sense of familiarity.

Last but not least, at the very end of the page, there is a blog that offers valuable tips and tricks related to the guitar. You can also find song tutorials and other useful material.

All of that and more can be easily navigated to thanks to the menu near the top of the page.

Private Lessons

A great thing about TrueFire is that they offer personalized private lessons. You can choose your fancied guitar instructor and start either individual or ongoing lessons with feedback. All you have to do is send a video of yourself playing and your chosen guitar teacher will get back to you with a lesson video. As for the case with ongoing private lessons, your instructors will personalize a plan designed specifically for you taking into account your available time, goals, level, and assessment.

This aspect of TrueFire is extremely convenient as you have the freedom to learn at a pace you are most comfortable with, and the educators do not complain about that at all. It’s rare to see teachers being flexible with students when it comes to time and pace. With TrueFire, you can learn comfortably and without any hassles!

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For a course or music learning website to be worthy, it is almost imperative for it to have a tool kit that a student can use. And TrueFire doesn’t disappoint us when it comes to this matter, because they indeed do have a tool kit, which, mind you, includes an array of handy material. The kit includes a guitar chord chart, tuner, guitar scales, jam tracks (which can also  be accessed from the menu bar), metronome, and a practice journal so you can track your progress.

It’s nice to have all those materials readily available when a student feels the need to use any of them. As I had mentioned in the GuitarTricks review, having to switch from one page to another to fetch a tuner or metronome is, excuse the language, a pain in the ass. I have been there and it annoyed me when I couldn’t find even the most basic guitar tool available on the guitar website.



Asking questions is an essential part of learning. And that’s where forums come in. Have a question concerning a technique or scale? No worries! You can ask your question on TrueFire’s forum, or if you think that your issue is a common one, you can easily browse for it and get the answer(s) from experienced guitar players.



Something unique about TrueFire is that educators can have their own channels where they can share their vlogs, advice, techniques, discussions and many more. In simple words, it’s like a YouTube channel but on a different platform. What the educators share on their channels are separate from TrueFire’s courses. Their videos are self-produced. Cool, is it not?

How it Works

The interface can be a little confusing and difficult to understand for new visitors, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize the simplicity of it. TrueFire offers a 30-day of All Access for first-time registrants. And without the need to provide any payment information, which is convenient, considering that some websites require card information so that they can bill the plan cost immediately after the trial ends. TrueFire gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to continue taking the course or not.

As aforementioned, they have a short Course Recommendation Wizard to provide the suitable courses based on your preference and skill. After that, you can start your learning journey. You choose a course of your liking and start rolling. Here, you have a couple of options: You can either buy the course or proceed with it online. Buying the course is more fitting to those who don’t have constant access to an Internet connection. When you buy the course, you can get the software disk or you can just download it directly to your device. All the course’s materials will be included with the purchase.

And lastly, there is the private lessons, as we had mentioned. As we said, you can choose either the individual private lessons or the ongoing private lessons, which are more personalized and student-focused.

Give TrueFire a try now and tell us what you think! 

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