Author: Reim Ossaily

best classical guitars

Best Classical Guitars for Beginners (2018)

Classical guitars are great traditional instruments that require a lot of dedication and consistent practice to learn properly. It’s not like acoustic or electric guitars where you can just search up guitar songs and start playing. Classical guitars require a professional and experienced traditional tutor with a properly structured teaching method. Unlike the modern Western …

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guitar tricks review

GuitarTricks Review – Is it Legit? (2018)

There are a lot of online programs that teach the guitar, and we had reviewed one of them previously. It can also be confusing, since most, if not all, claim that they are the best for efficient and good teaching. The choice becomes even harder for paid programs, because, you know, who wants to get scammed? Today, …

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best bass guitars

Best Bass Guitars in 2018

You often hear that the bass guitar is the easiest instrument to learn. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s far from that. Bass guitars are just like any other instrument out there. Just because it has 4 strings doesn’t make it any easier than, say, the guitar. In fact, it takes just as …

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best guitarists

Top 5 Best Guitarists of All Times – ( 2018 )

A lot of guitar players start playing the guitar merely by being inspired by influential guitarists. I, myself, started developing the interest in guitars from a TV show. The show had shown a footage of what they called as one of the best guitarists  playing and shredding on a stage. I can’t remember his face …

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best ukulele brands

The Best Ukulele Brands On Amazon (2018)

Ukuleles are those instruments that some people look at and dismiss them as some toys for kids. Little do they know that they pose the same importance as acoustic, electric, bass, or any other type of guitar out there. A ukulele is not just a mini version of a guitar; you can think of it …

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