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Play The F Barre Chord – Simple Ways

In the last post, we talked about how to play the F barre chord. And in case you’re still facing difficulty with playing this chord, we have found some simple ways for you to get a hang of this one hell of a chord. Well, not necessarily the same but similar enough to get you …

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How to Play the F Barre Chord – The Original Way

You read that title right. We are going to talk about how to play the F barre chord, or every beginners sworn enemy. DUN DUN DUN! Ahem! We apologize. Now let’s get back to the lesson. Yes, it is a tricky chord, or , let us be honest, every barre chord is a pain in …

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How To Play The G-major Chord On The Guitar

Another basic chord most beginners start their learning journey with: the G-major Chord. Not basic, you say? Well, whether it’s basic or not, opinions will vary among different players. What may be easy for you may be hard for someone else. But this is besides the point. Now, we want to learn how to play …

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How To Play Barre Chords

A beginner’s worst enemy: barre chords. And man, is it tempting to avoid them. The harsh reality, however, says that you shouldn’t. Do avoid them and you will never be a true guitarist. Ouch! In fact, it’s a huge mistake to avoid barre chords. And we did┬ápreviously mention that. Yes, barring is , indeed, difficult. …

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How To Read Chord-boxes Easily

One of the most important skills every guitar player should posses is the ability to read and comprehend chord-boxes. “Why?” you may ask. Because they are extremely useful. As simple as that. You probably know how important chords are when it comes to learning the guitar. In most cases, chords are what guitar players started …

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