A beginner’s worst enemy: barre chords. And man, is it tempting to avoid them. The harsh reality, however, says that you shouldn’t. Do avoid them and you will never be a true guitarist. Ouch!

In fact, it’s a huge mistake to avoid barre chords. And we did previously mention that.

Yes, barring is , indeed, difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you should run away from their presence. If you truly want to become a good guitarist, your focus should be set on mastering those devils. Lucky for you, there are some cheats and hacks to concur them easily.

Hack #1: Start out by barring the strings on the lower end of the fret-board.

The  lower end of the fret board is much more easier to press. Learning how to barre on this side of the fret board first can make things more easier. Often times, it is recommended that you start on the 8th fret.

Hack #2: Use your middle finger for “assistance”.

If your fingers lack the necessary strength for barring, it helps to use your middle finger as a mean of assistance. This will add more pressure on the strings to get the right sound.

Hack #3: Barre using the bone-y side  of your finger.

A lot of beginners tend to barre using the fleshy side of their fingers because–well– it’s easier. But this, often times, will result in a  muted sound. If the muted sound is what you are struggling with, then congratulations. Your mystery has been solved. The bone-y side of your finger is more solider than the fleshy part (obviously). At first, it will be awkward and feel uncoordinated, but, with enough time and practice, you’ll get it done properly.

Hack #4: Practice consistently.

I bet you were fearing seeing those two words. But really, it’s only practice that’s going to get you progressing. If possible, practice for 10-20 minutes everyday. Better yet, multiple times a day. You will progress faster.

Keep  Playin’!

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