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The Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars For People On Budget

Money, money, money. Money here. Money there. Money everywhere! Yeah, everything requires money. Something not everyone has in abundance. Being poor is indeed a huge disadvantage to those who like to try out new stuff. And perhaps the acoustic guitar is one of them. That is when you immediately shake the thought, asking yourself, ” …

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5 Best Cheap Electric Guitars ( Updated List )

We had previously made a list of electric guitars under $200, but this time, it’s an updated list. In this list, I added a couple more electric guitars that are worth mentioning. The extra guitars of which I speak have got quite a few praises from players. Plus, they are cheap, so why not add …

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Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul Review – Everything You Need To Know About It

Go ask any beginner electric guitar player which guitar do they wish to buy the most and you will hear the same cliche: “I want the Epiphone Les Paul.” Ask them why and you will hear a “just because.” I know. It doesn’t make any sense, but this is the case with most of these …

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Jasmine S35 guitar review

Jasmine S35 Guitar Review – A Scam?

  Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of that name before. The Jasmine S35 pretty much dominates the acoustic guitar market with over 1200 reviews on Amazon alone. Frankly, that’s impressive. I have also read countless times people recommending this guitar for beginners. But have you ever asked yourself why? What makes this guitar so …

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Shubb Deluxe Capo

The Top Guitar Capos on Amazon

  Have you ever wondered what those strangely claw-like shaped objects some guitarists use on their guitars are? Well, you are not the first, and certainly not the last. To put it shortly, they are called capos. And what they do, basically, is raise the pitch of the strings by shortening their length. As simple …

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