Yamaha FG800 Review – Is It Anything Special?

Yamaha FG800 review

Yamaha FG800 reviewThe Yamaha FG800 is a great cheap guitar that fits both beginners and advanced players. This guitar is part of the well-known FG series, which first began in 1966. Their goal from this series was to focus on the quality and playability of the guitars and for the cheapest price possible. And we can say they succeeded in achieving this goal. Although the prices slightly increase with each new FG (which essentially means ‘folk guitar’ by the way) guitar, they are still quite affordable for the majority. Today, we will be reviewing the FG800, which is the first in the 800 series.

Yamaha FG800
Dreadnought size

Firstly, the FG800 is available in two shapes – dreadnought and concert – and in two different styles – acoustic and acoustic-electric. It features a solid spruce top with nato back and sides. The fingerboard and bridge are both rosewood and the tuners are diecast.

Some people, beginners, specifically, don’t know the difference between concert and dreadnought size guitars. To put it simply, dreadnoughts have more bottom than concert guitars. They also have a slightly narrower string spacing. Concert guitars, on the other hand, are on the smaller side. They are more comfortable sitting with. Also, compared to the dreads, concert guitars have a more defined tone and sound in them, which makes them great for fingerstyle playing.

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I read through the reviews on and analysed both the positive and negative reviewers. Here’s what I deduced:

I just want to say that finding negative feedback on this guitar was a chore. There is little to no complaints on the FG800, but I’m going to summarize what the tiny minority of negative buyers had to say about their purchase.

One buyer said that this guitar is essentially the same as the FS800 but with a few small improvements here and there. He was disappointed that the sound did not turn out the same as the FS800. Now, while it’s true that they are made of the same materials, they have different sizes. The FG800 has a dreadnought size, as opposed to the FS800, which is a concert sized guitar. Also, based on my research, a lot of people reported that the two guitars sound extremely similar.

This really isn’t a negative review, but it won’t hurt to point it out. One buyer warned that the strings are not stretched. He reported hearing a buzzing sound from playing them. Fortunately, however, after stretching the strings, he said that the problem was fixed. So this is a note if you are buying this guitar: Stretch the strings on this guitar before tuning them.

The rest of the negative comments were on the condition the guitar was delivered in. They say that the parcel came worn out and whatnot, but the guitar, thankfully, came unscathed, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

There were tons of positive reviews on the FG800. Even professional guitar players commended this guitar on its quality and were surprised by its low price. Good news, don’t you think? If guitar players are using the FG800 to perform their gigs, then there’s no doubt about it being worth it. It’shard enough to find good guitars for such a price these days, so don’t miss out!


This is the concert size of the FG800

Yamaha brags that this guitar is clean. The materials are neatly put together with no excess glue on the sides. I have to say this, but it’s pretty hard to find a guitar with no excess glue on the sides of the parts. The sound is full and rich. In all honesty, it’s a bargain for such a good quality. It’s perfect for just about any level. If you ask me, it’s a no-brainer, I would definitely buy it..

Rating: 5 out of 5


On Amazon, this guitar is available both used and new. You can expect to pay around $135 for the used product and $199.99 for a brand new one. It’s all up to you to decide. Remember, though: A used guitar doesn’t necessarily mean a frayed one. Used guitars can sometimes be as good as new ones. It’s a matter of choosing the right product.

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Happy Playin’!

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